7 tips for better business-IT alignment

In a rapidly changing world, IT and business leaders need to work together to steer their enterprise in the right direction.

Has your enterprise fallen out alignment? Telltale symptoms include pulling in the wrong direction, poor control, and perhaps worst of all, degrading productivity and results.

When IT and business teams fail to align, all parties can expect a bumpy ride. “Digital transformation is driving fundamental change in how an organization delivers value to its customers,” says Sameer Bhagwat, vice president and head of the application managed services center of excellence at IT and business consulting firm Capgemini Americas.

Bhagwat notes that, with the entire business ecosystem now interconnected, enterprises must be nimble to address ever-changing business needs and market requirements. “When IT and the business are aligned properly, leaders can achieve their objectives more effectively,” he states.

Is your enterprise heading in the wrong direction? Then consider the following seven tips for bringing IT and the business into better alignment.

1. Know thy business

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