Fujitsu: Providing the Cloud Services and Solutions Resilient and Adaptable Teams Need

BrandPost By Ken Phillips
Jul 06, 2022
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Credit: istock

The tenth largest IT service provider in the world, Fujitsu’s more than 124,000 employees can be found on the leading edge of digital transformation in virtually every industry. These include the automotive, financial services, health care, law enforcement, manufacturing, and retail sectors. It is also found in efforts to accelerate environmental, social, and governance efforts.

We recently caught up with Antonio Medianero, director of cloud application at Fujitsu Services España S.A. to learn more about the company’s cloud services and solutions, what it means to be VMware Cloud Verified, and what he sees as the next big thing in cloud. We also took the opportunity to explore Fujitsu’s vision for hybrid IT.

“On the most basic level, as a company we have more than 80 years of experience working in various industries around the world,” says Medianero. “We design, develop, implement, manage and optimize the systems businesses of all kinds need to address their operational, application, and infrastructure needs.”

Fujitsu offers a wide range of consulting services and infrastructure and business continuity solutions. Its team of cloud specialists helps clients deliver services to their customers and achieve strong, seamless operations that reflect the power of the cloud and the innumerable technological gains it makes possible.

“Everything we provide, from rapid advice and guidance to extensive application services, robust platforms, and multi-cloud functionality, reflects the breadth and depth of our teams’ technical and business expertise,” he says. “We scale to meet demand, offer new ways of working, create the foundations for future growth, and design clouds that meet the cost, data protection, compliance, and security requirements of our customers. We believe it’s imperative for enterprises to have the freedom and flexibility to use the right cloud for every task, application, and business need.”

Fujitsu supports all major public clouds. The company’s Fujitsu Cloud is a private cloud based on VMware technology that delivers high levels of security and privacy to ensure that sensitive operations and data are protected. Fujitsu also offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Containers-as-a-Service, and Platform-as-a-Service in private cloud environments.

“For hybrid cloud we seamlessly combine public, private, and managed cloud infrastructures with traditional on-premises IT,” he adds. “We can do this on a modest budget to ensure that every customer’s hybrid IT integration is as cost-effective as possible. Our approach provides an intelligent architecture that seamlessly integrates into the existing environment through a management framework that can adapt and evolve as business needs change. It also offers the right mix of services for the rapid deployment of new cloud-based solutions while ensuring strict alignment with governance, compliance, privacy, and security needs – all while enabling data availability across any geography and device.”

Notably, Fujitsu’s PRIMEFLEX is an integrated system that includes pre-configured, pre-tested hybrid cloud-enabled systems – including those for VMware technologies – and all of the services needed to offer a fast path for the development of hybrid data architectures. PRIMEFLEX accelerates the entire process, including design, deployment, and maintenance. It also lets customers easily turn their on-premises infrastructure into a private cloud, introduce cloud pricing models, and connect on-premise systems to the cloud of their choice.

“Our hybrid cloud solutions and services enable growth, reduce risk, lower costs, and increase productivity,” says Medianero. “They also deliver the centralized control that is so important in a world where business units are using the cloud directly.”

Medianero stresses that being VMware Cloud Verified is an important distinction for the Fujitsu team in Spain. It also reflects a longstanding and productive partnership between both companies.

“The VMware Cloud Verified distinction is an important milestone for us because it demonstrates to those in Spain that we comply with, and achieve, the highest standards,” he says. “Fujitsu and VMware’s longstanding partnership also allows us to leverage world-class public and private cloud-based technologies to drive fast-paced continuity strategies. Whether an organization is looking for the performance, resilience, and control of the private cloud or the scale, innovation, and changeability of the public cloud, together we can offer the ideal solutions, services, and seamless integration needed to fully support those efforts and the work of employees today and tomorrow.”

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