CIO 100 Conference Celebrates the Top IT leaders in the UK and globally

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Aug 18, 20223 mins
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The CIO 100 Conference, being held virtually on 27th September, will bring a unique opportunity to gain insight on winning IT projects from around the world.

CIO 100 Conference

The CIO 100 is celebrated internationally, with the CIO 100 UK 2022 being announced on 22nd September. Following the awards ceremony, the virtual CIO 100 Conference will begin with a spotlight on the UK CIO #1, highlighting what crowned them the number one position, initiatives they have recently been working on, and what they are looking to achieve next. The event will also host a panel with the UK CIOs 2-4, which will follow a similar discussion. 

A key theme this year across the CIO 100 has been a new focus on transformation, following the efforts in previous years handling the Covid-19 pandemic. A key change is the innovation required in a world that is now more digital than ever before. As organizations strive to recover from the uncertainty wrought by the pandemic, they are taking a digital-first approach to building resilience into their operations. A session by Crawford Del Prete, President of IDC, will focus on how the journey to future digital enterprise has accelerated, driven by significant investments in new customer experiences, new digital ecosystem business models, digital supply chains, and future of work initiatives. 

Martha Poulter, CIO at the Royal Caribbean shares her Cloud at Sea story. The Royal Caribbean IT Team used the pandemic-era downtime to address some of the business challenges around using cloud-based technologies and systems when operating on the open sea — one of the few places in the world without persistent connectivity. Her session with Maryfran Johnson delves into how the company uses a mix of cloud, edge computing and satellite solutions to deliver seamless customer experiences whether ships are in port or untethered on the open ocean dealing with adverse weather conditions.  

As the competition for talent in the tech industry grows at all levels of the workforce, building a people-first culture that champions innovation, diversity, and flexibility is crucial. Tim Martin, CTO of Audible speaks with Beth Kormanik on how Audible has succeeded to inspire customer obsession, agility to adapt, and where employees are not afraid to fail in “their pursuit of technology disruption”.  

The CIO Boardroom session, hosted at lunchtime during the event, will bring CIOs in the UK together to discuss what is next for their roles. With a discussion on the importance of employees’ digital experience in organisations through how CIOs can better lead with purpose, the boardroom will look at how IT leaders are moving towards a new way of thinking of leadership and how to succeed in an increasingly virtual office landscape.  

The final sessions of the day will delve further into new approaches to IT leadership, shining the light on how the CIO 100 members have adapted their IT strategies to align with what the wider organisation is looking to achieve, continue to empower their teams, and embraced this new focus in transformation.   

There is still time to register for the event, which you can do here, and you can reach out to the Foundry UK Events Team with any questions you have and to find out more about future speaking opportunities and security events planned for 2023.