Kyndryl Services: Accelerating Digital Transformation for Real Return

Sep 13, 2022
Cloud Management

Digital transformation acceleration lies at the intersection of business drivers and rapid technology adoption. Kyndryl’s advisory and implementation services can help.

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Digital transformation is no longer a choice; it is an imperative. What’s more, speed is of the essence. While digital transformation enables the business, it also drives the business and IT.

COVID-19 drove the demand for new digital models that no one had imagined, at a scale and velocity not anticipated. The global pandemic also brought enormous disruption to the physical workplace. People shifted to working and making purchases from home, and many patterns changed. All of this had profound implications on how the digital world needs to be connected, especially the enterprise.

Transformation is not only business led, but IT leadership also has a key seat at the table. Adaptability and automation underpin people (culture), process, and technology. An aware, intelligent, and resilient IT infrastructure services is foundational. A new operating and management model embracing the new and the old (legacy) is critical.

While the COVID-19 pandemic slowed the physical world, it created a greater sense of urgency for digital transformation. Enterprises are shifting from immediate cost take-out to accelerating

digital transformation. According to IBV COVID-19 and the Future of Business, 59% of respondents surveyed accelerated digital transformation, and 66% completed digital transformation initiatives that previously encountered resistance.

In Kyndryl’s view, a new operating model is one of the three tenets underpinning digital transformation, along with foundational cloud adoption and embracing modernization technologies. Those three tenets are:

  • Manage cloud services anywhere, from any cloud.
  • Pivot to new ways of working as needed.
  • Modernize by embracing modern technologies as strategic assets.

Digital transformation acceleration lies at the juncture of digital business drivers and rapid technology adoption – and Kyndryl’s advisory and implementation services are designed to help. Kyndryl offers digital transformation acceleration with focus and scale on IT modernization, helping businesses & governments achieve rapid business outcomes and digital experiences.

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