How to Build Security and Resilience into Your Digital Transformation

Sep 13, 2022
Cloud Management

Kyndryl is a trusted partner who understands risks and can help integrate cyber resilience into the operational fabric of any enterprise.

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Cyber risk is increasingly a top executive priority, due in large part to the rising number of unplanned outages, driven by the increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and widening skills gap. Consider these facts:

  • 69% of board of directors accelerated their digital business initiatives following COVID-19 disruption[1]
  • 73% of organizations are increasing spending for data protection because of ransomware threats[2]
  • 40% of board of directors will have a dedicated cybersecurity committee overseen by a qualified board member by 2025[3]

As organizations work to transform, many struggle to ensure security and resilience while balancing the requirements of legacy environments and enabling IT transformation efforts. And the problem can’t be ignored.

What’s the answer to coping with the dynamic nature of risks? Build cyber resilience characteristics into broader IT strategy that includes three principles:

  1. Shift left: Build cyber resilience into digital initiatives, underpinned by cloud and zero trust principles
  2. Shift right: Since protection is not enough, establish and improve linkage between security and resiliency
  3. Change approach: Radically streamline approach to security and resiliency leveraging partners to access expertise

To cope with the dynamic nature of risks, organizations need help from partners who can enable their digital transformation journey by supporting legacy infrastructure. Those partners must also build cyber resilience into newer initiatives, underpinned by cloud and zero trust principles.

Kyndryl’s cyber resilience framework and portfolio can help you anticipate, protect against, withstand, and recover from adverse conditions impacting cyber-enabled services across complex hybrid (cloud and legacy) environments.

Kyndryl’s differentiators include deep technical expertise across a broad array of technologies, a portfolio of IP enablers, and a broad ecosystem of partners. In addition, Kyndryl is no longer “biased” toward any vendor, their technologies, or toolsets. We help customers engage with broadest array of technologies in the field, enabling them to reuse existing investments while supporting the new.

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