Enterprise Storage Solution Provider of Choice: The Case Studies

BrandPost By Eric Herzog, CMO, Infinidat
Sep 13, 20226 mins
Data Management

In these case studies, five very different types of companies sought and achieved similar outcomes for their enterprise storage operations: improved speed, performance, reliability, and cost efficiency.

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Credit: Infinidat

Digitization has transformed traditional companies into data-centric operations with core business applications and systems requiring 100% availability and zero downtime. One company that needs to keep data on a tight leash is Petco, which is a market leader in pet care and wellness products. Most of Petco’s core business systems run on four InfiniBox® storage systems in multiple data centers.

The company’s selection of Infinidat was much more intensive than just throwing bird seed to the wind. For the evolution of its enterprise storage infrastructure, Petco had stringent requirements to significantly improve speed, performance, reliability, and cost efficiency. Infinidat rose to the challenge.

The deployment of Infinidat’s storage platforms into Petco’s data centers has enabled better pet-parent experiences, providing the company with a competitive advantage. On top of that, the ease of implementation and management of the Infinidat platform defined the customer experience, as perfect and fitting as a fish in water. Infinidat beat out the competition.

The results speak for themselves. By deploying Infinidat’s award-winning storage technology, Petco obtained 100% availability with zero downtime, as well as high reliability and scalability. The Infinidat solution also enabled the company to substantially lower their CAPEX and OPEX. Petco caught the vision of what Infinidat could do for their company and they ran with it. (To read the full case study, click here.)

Likewise, another company that values the competitive edge that Infinidat’s storage solutions delivers is Salem Five Bank, a full-service financial services corporation. This bank needed to upgrade its enterprise storage infrastructure as part of a major upgrade of online banking applications with a third-party provider. They wanted to improve operational efficiency (i.e. virtualized systems, databases, business workloads, etc) and only pay for storage as needed.

Salem Five ended up banking on Infinidat for its storage because InfiniBox is an extremely reliable platform that self-optimizes performance. Infinidat provided unmatched performance, availability, flexibility and lower total cost of ownership that the bank needed to maintain their edge in the marketplace. They were a marked improvement over the previous, legacy storage technologies that the bank had been using.

The bank secured 100% availability with zero downtime, along with frictionless scalability. Furthermore, Infinidat provided Salem Five with a cloud-like flexible consumption model. While Salem Five’s personal touch uncomplicates banking for consumers, Infinidat simplified storage for the bank while improving performance, reliability, and cost savings, as well as providing white glove personalized service. (To read the full case study, click here.)

Banks aren’t the only ones that invest in Infinidat. Insurance companies also see Infinidat as a storage vendor of choice. One that has spoken out publicly, like Salem Five, is Clientèle Life Insurance, a well-respected insurance company in South Africa. This company wanted to ensure competitive advantage with consistent uptime and fast data access. They wanted a storage solution with a three-tier architecture that delivers high availability, high performance, top-notch replication capabilities, support for virtualized environments, and flexibility to scale at short notice.

Clientèle Life Insurance reduced risk by choosing Infinidat as its storage solution provider. Two InfiniBox systems for synchronous replication between the insurance company’s production and disaster recovery data centers are in operation. The ROI has been generated through cost savings, enabling them to do more with fewer resources.

Infinidat’s cloud-like flexible consumption models optimize budget for the customer. The cost efficiencies are coupled with a 40% performance improvement, supported by proactive system monitoring. Ultimately, Clientèle Life is able to deliver a better customer experience through consistent uptime and speedy access to information. (To read the full case study, click here.)

Another customer, which has combined craftmanship and digital innovation, is ECMD, a provider of building materials for carpenters, contractors, and remodelers, among others. This organization wanted to upgrade the storage infrastructure at an affordable cost.

ECMD chose to deploy InfiniBox systems in two data centers, supporting key applications on VMware with 8 ESX hosts running approximately 120 virtual machines. They also put into place low-latency asynchronous replication to protect the company during a crisis. Plus, ECMD only pays for the storage capacity it needs.

The impact has been as sharp as the work of a fine craftsman on a workbench. ECMD now has mission-critical storage that is easily managed, highly scalable, and extremely cost-effective. The company can comfortably have a set-it-and-forget-it mentality. ECMD also benefits from the ability to quickly restore major services if anything interferes with operations. Moreover, they obtained the significant cost savings they desired, while improving reliability and performance. (To read the full case study, click here.)

Contship Italia Group, the Italian leader in container terminal logistics and intermodal solutions, also needed to upgrade critical enterprise storage for VMware. They saw it as an opportunity to reduce the complexity of the storage infrastructure. They needed a more autonomous, easier-to-use solution.

Contship selected Infinidat because of the ease of management with a set-it-and-forget-it approach. The fact that the InfiniBox Active-Active replication and VMware’s Storage Cluster (VMSC) are fully integrated was also highly attractive. It meant seamless VMware-Infinidat integration. The simplified migration to Infinidat’s platform exceeded expectations.

The move freed up resources for other value-added activities. Contship was able to achieve 40% cost savings with Infinidat. At the same time, the company gained higher performance and lower latency in its storage and added the autonomous automation that it wanted. Infinidat’s system now provides 100% application and data availability for Contship Italia’s virtualized environments. (To read the full case study, click here.)

These multiple customers that have adopted Infinidat’s state-of-the-art, enterprise storage solutions are just a few examples of our company’s expanding installed base. More than 25% of the Fortune 50 are now Infinidat customers, leveraging the company’s unique value proposition for large enterprises to provide InfiniBox and InfiniGuard® as their primary storage, modern data protection, disaster recovery and business continuity, and cyber resilience solutions.

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