How Your IT Infrastructure Can Accelerate Transformation Efforts

Sep 14, 2022
Cloud Management

Time to take a fresh look at your transformation projects and set a new tone to accelerate progress. Kyndryl can help with the questions and the answers.

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IT leaders in EMEA are increasingly leading digital transformation efforts, with 84% of CIOs saying they’re responsible for these efforts, according to the Foundry 2022 State of the CIO study.

But significant challenges remain. Their most pressing issue: the need for technology integration/implementation skills to support digital business initiatives, according to the survey. Many organizations are also struggling to modernize their IT architecture to accommodate digitization. The talent gap affects these efforts, as do a lack of strategy and little sense of urgency.

Yet, there is risk in sidelining these issues and not moving quickly. Competitors may overcome challenges and gain an advantage, for example. Fast-acting companies may be winning the race to envision and realize their digital transformation objectives. That’s why CEOs are urging their IT leaders to upgrade IT and push digital initiatives forward.

How to avoid stagnation

It’s time for enterprises to take a fresh look at their transformation projects and set a new tone to accelerate their digital initiatives. That should start with examining their IT architecture and asking whether/how it enables the business to:

  • Use cloud services to achieve improved business outcomes such as efficiency, cost optimization, and speed to market;

  • Pivot to new ways of working, as needed. Evolving market forces combined with the hybrid workplace require business agility;

  • Modernize by adopting new technologies. Automation, artificial intelligence, and 5G require an open, flexible IT infrastructure.

In other words, does your IT infrastructure allow for easy integration of data sources to speed business decision-making? Does it allow for easy application migration to the cloud? Do your IT teams have automated processes and platforms to ease application modernization and development?

For example, the City of Madrid was facing an urgent need to deliver digital services to its citizens. However, it was challenged by the limits of its IT architecture, complex data regulation requirements, and the ever-increasing need to improve cybersecurity efforts.

Working with Kyndryl, the City deployed a hybrid cloud IT architecture, including a new data center with backup and disaster recovery capabilities. The results:

  • Accelerated digital services, with enhanced security measures, for citizens
  • Faster processing of large data volumes
  • Enhanced data protection
  • An optimized IT infrastructure with room to scale and grow as needed

The next step

Organizations facing skillset and strategy challenges can benefit from working with an expert managed services and implementation partner. Kyndryl consults with its customers to understand existing resources and business needs, then helps define and chart the digital transformation journey.

For example, Kyndryl’s advisory and implementation services have helped customers unlock business value with a pragmatic, building-block approach. Its integrated portfolio of solutions and services address use cases ranging from cloud to the digital workplace and from security to the network and edge. And Kyndryl’s infrastructure practice has deep expertise in designing, building, and implementing all types of IT environments to accelerate digital outcomes.

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