Leading IT Analyst Firm GigaOm Recognizes Infinidat as the Industry Leader in Ransomware Protection for Block Storage

BrandPost By Sapna Capoor, Director of Global Communications at Infinidat
Sep 21, 20225 mins

According to GigaOm, Infinidat distinguishes itself for its modern, software-defined storage architecture, securing enterprise storage with a strategic, long-term approach, broad and deep functionality, and high quality of innovation.

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IT analyst firm GigaOm is quick to point out that primary data is the first point of impact for ransomware attacks. This fact puts primary storage in the spotlight for every CIO to see, and it highlights how important ransomware protection is in an enterprise storage solution. When GigaOm released their “GigaOm Sonar Report for Block-based Primary Storage Ransomware Protection” recently, a clear leader emerged.

GigaOm named Infinidat as the industry leader in ransomware protection for block-based storage. Infinidat is a leading provider of enterprise storage solutions. According to GigaOm’s independent analysis, Infinidat distinguishes itself for its modern, software-defined storage architecture, securing enterprise storage with a strategic, long-term approach, broad and deep functionality, and high quality of innovation.

One of the top CMOs in the tech industry, Eric Herzog, is leading the marketing charge at Infinidat and had this to say about this recognition from GigaOm:

“Infinidat has taken the benefits of ransomware protection on enterprise block storage to the next level, including guaranteed immutable snapshot recovery in one minute or less, greater ease of use, and comprehensive cyber resilience.”

“Being recognized as the industry leader for combatting ransomware not only gives us enormous forward momentum as a solution provider of cyber storage resilience and modern data protection, but it also gives Infinidat a seat at the table to talk to large enterprises and service providers about what we can do to eliminate the threat of ransomware for them,” he added.

The GigaOm Sonar Report showcases the strength of Infinidat’s novel InfiniSafe cyber resilience technology embedded across all its platforms: InfiniBox®, InfiniBox SSA and InfiniGuard®. The report states:

“Infinidat offers a complete and balanced ransomware protection solution. InfiniSafe brings together the key foundational requirements essential for delivering comprehensive cyber-recovery capabilities with immutable snapshots, logical air-gapped protection, a fenced forensic network, and near-instantaneous recovery of backups of any repository size.”

Infinidat has delivered the industry’s first cyber storage guarantee for recovery on primary storage – the InfiniSafe® Cyber Storage guarantee.

The company recently extended cyber resilience to its InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA II enterprise storage platforms with the InfiniSafe Reference Architecture, allowing Infinidat to provide its immutability snapshot guarantee and the recovery time of immutable snapshots at one minute or less. InfiniSafe was announced on the InfiniGuard modern data protection and cyber storage resilience platform in February this year.

The GigaOm Sonar Report recognizes the features and functionality of Infinidat’s cyber resilience technology: “InfiniGuard delivers solid cybersecurity features at no extra cost, allowing customers to quickly and securely restore data, even at scale, in case of an attack.”

Through near instantaneous cyber recovery, Infinidat helps organizations avoid having to pay the ransom, yet still retrieve their valuable enterprise data, uncompromised and intact. Think about how significant this really is, given how much of a threat ransomware is.

When ransomware takes data hostage, it can destroy backup copies of data, steal credentials, leak stolen information, and worse. It has caused businesses of all sizes to shut down operations overnight, so it is not unusual for a company to pay a large sum of money to restore their business. Infinidat’s solutions can put a stop to it.

It is an honor that GigaOm has recognized the technology leadership. The analyst community has been spot-on about how enterprises and service providers should strategize to not just take “baby steps” but actually take a quantum leap forward to address these cyberattacks.

In addition, GigaOm recognized Infinidat as a “Fast Mover,” one of only two vendors awarded that accolade. “Fast Movers” are expected to deliver on their solutions and technologies faster and with more features/functionality than other vendors known as “Forward Movers.” Infinidat has been rapidly delivering new technology, several guarantees, and new capabilities over the past 18 months, including the extension of new features and functions to InfiniSafe.

Max Mortillaro, Analyst at GigaOm, shared his perspective: “Primary data is the first point of impact for ransomware attacks, so it is critical for organizations to implement primary storage solutions that incorporate ransomware protection, such as Infinidat’s cyber resilience solutions.”

He went on to say, “Our new GigaOm Sonar Report on ransomware protection for block storage comes at a time when ransomware attacks have become so prevalent and such a persistent threat for all organizations across all industries. We have seen through our analysis how ransomware can cause significant damage to companies and government agencies.”

The time is right for Infinidat to step forward as a recognized industry leader for ransomware protection.

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