Technology, Processes, and Culture: Red Hat’s Open-source Pathway to Successful Digital Transformation

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May 17, 20234 mins
Digital Transformation
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The world has witnessed the undeniable power of digital transformation to unlock tremendous potential and propel businesses forward in today’s fast-paced digital era. Yet, as organisations work to reap the benefits of innovation and growth, they must also navigate this new terrain.

The road to digital transformation requires significant investments of time, money, and resources, and demands that organisations adapt to complex technological, cultural, and organisational changes. But by addressing these challenges head-on, they can harness the power of digital transformation to drive their businesses forward and gain competitive advantage and consumer mind share.

To help such organisations navigate these waters, Red Hat Open Innovation Labs is designed to co-create with them. Labs provides a platform to experiment, iterate, and accelerate transformational initiatives by leveraging open-source technologies, fostering open leadership, and embracing a culture of innovation. By providing training and coaching, Labs’ global team of experts also enables transformation teams to carve their learning journey and achieve tangible business benefits much faster.

Turning transformation challenges into opportunities for success

Throughout the transformation journey, organisations must deliver on multiple fronts and address unique challenges. They must ensure technology adoption in an environment that is continuously integrating new technologies into their existing IT infrastructure while maintaining compatibility and security. With technology stacks evolving frequently, they must upgrade legacy systems and outdated architectures regularly to keep up with the needs of the new digital environment.

When it comes to digital transformation initiatives, every organisation has multiple teams with competing initiatives vying for attention and investment, which often lead to conflicting priorities.

Another significant challenge that most modern organisations must address is the lack of flexibility and agility that hinder organisations from adapting to evolving market conditions and customer expectations. Eventually, if organisations realise a low return on investment (ROI), longer time to market, or subpar customer service, it only exacerbates the challenges and discourages forward movement.

Red Hat’s “Open” approach for exceptional outcomes

Red Hat’s Open Innovation Labs have successfully assisted many organisations deliver path-breaking solutions, transforming cultures, drive adoption, and realise gains from their transformation journeys. Labs promotes the use of modern architectures, technologies, and approaches that improve the resilience and robustness of transformation outcomes.

These include software systems, containers, microservices, DevOps, Infrastructure-as-a-Code, and more. Labs advocate for “open” and offer coaching and training on agile methodologies and product management strategies to help organisations achieve their goals more effectively and sustain them. Furthermore, an engagement with Labs ensures flexibility and agility because it creates a DevOps culture and approach that emphasises collaboration, automation, and continuous delivery.

By modernising legacy applications, instituting DevOps, and utilising open-source practices, Red Hat assists businesses in maximising their return on investment and accelerating their time to market. For instance, Labs helped the World Health Organisation (WHO) build a scalable, more flexible, and sustainable open-source development infrastructure in an eight-week virtual residency. Outdated skills frequently become a barrier to success and to solve this, Labs provides with Red Hat Learning Subscription, hands-on workshops, and coaching sessions to keep teams up to speed on their skills and the latest technologies.

Embrace collaboration and innovation for sustainable success

Transformation occurs in a collaborative environment that fosters learning and growth with the help of open-source technologies and globally proven practices, methodologies, and processes. Labs has evolved significantly over the years, fueled by the invaluable lessons learned from each customer interaction. Through collaboration and shared experiences, Labs has fine-tuned its approach, methodologies, and solutions to better assist organisations in navigating the complex landscape of digital transformation.

At the very heart of Red Hat’s DNA is the belief that true transformation is achieved by engaging in a hands-on journey with our clients.

Join hands with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs and experience the power of immersive collaboration to overcome challenges, unlock new opportunities, and propel organisations to new heights.