Finding your way with Value Stream Management in 2023

BrandPost By Marla Schimke, Global Head of Product and Growth Marketing – ValueOps by Broadcom
May 23, 20233 mins
IT Leadership

VSM leaders and pioneers gathered for True North, our 2023 Value Stream Management Summit, to celebrate successes, reveal lessons learned, and share next steps.

Credit: Broadcom

There’s no longer any debate that Value Stream Management (VSM) has emerged as the best solution for breaking through some of the toughest challenges in digital transformation. Despite years of effort, our research shows that more than two-thirds of organizations still struggle with organizational silos and friction between different roles and departments. Yet the vast majority also believe that VSM holds the key to resolving this through greater visibility, alignment, and efficiency.

Our most recent survey revealed that an incredible 86% of companies will either adopt, pilot, or plan value streams in the next 12 months – up significantly from the 72% we noted last year. [1]

 True North: Broadcom’s 2023 VSM Summit

Against this backdrop, we gathered a group of true VSM pioneers to share their stories and lessons learned for the benefit of others blazing this trail. In this standout group, we heard from:

  • Chris Condo, guest speaker and Principal Analyst at Forrester, who laid out the specific problems and challenges that VSM solves for organizations.
  • Michael Gibson from the Hartford, who discussed how they use value streams to align business and delivery teams.
  • Chelsey Marr and Garrett House, who joined us from Tyson Foods to share how VSM improved trust between business and IT, enabling them to transition quickly from project to product management.
  • Jesus Campos and Mike Crowley from HCSC, who described the benefits that VSM brought to their strategic and investment planning processes.
  • Paul Lindo from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, who detailed how VSM empowered their organization to thrive during the chaos of pandemic lockdowns to deliver critical telemedicine services.

With value stream management, “everyone’s actually aligned now and it’s an amazing feeling,” said Garrett House. Echoing similar sentiments, Paul Lindo described how “business stakeholders recognize they can trust what we’re doing.”

At the team management level, Michael Gibson offered incredible insight with his observation that with the persistent teams that are part of the VSM methodology, “predictability is up for all of our value streams” and that they are “always focused on the most valuable things.”

Given the enthusiasm of VSM practitioners, it’s no wonder why our most recent VSM Trends Report showed that 92% of survey respondents believed that value stream management functionality would benefit their organizations.

Next Steps

All of these presentations, along with other valuable sessions featuring Serge Lucio, General Manager of our Agile Operations Division, and Christina Wodtke, a renowned author and industry speaker on the practice of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), are now available on-demand. Whether you take in a single 20-minute session, or immerse yourself in the entire event, you will hear from industry experts sharing some of the most important lessons from their trailblazing experiences with VSM.

Click here to register now and watch.

[1] Dimensional Research, sponsored by Broadcom, 2023 Trends in Value Stream Management, December 2022,