Andrea Benito
Middle East Editor

DDoS, API attacks see massive surge in EMEA

Jun 12, 20233 mins
Credit: anyaberkut

DDoS threats are constantly evolving, putting companies without proper defences across the globe at great risk. Attackers now seem to have turned their attention towards the EMEA region, which has witnessed DDoS attack volumes exceeding those in the US. 

“For the first time, attack volume in EMEA exceeded those in the US, surging by 212% of three years’ averages. Seven out of the top 10 biggest DDoS attacks ever took place in the last 24 months. While hackers actively target organizations without adequate DDoS protection or resiliency, no business is immune from DDoS attacks,” Tim Westlake, senior enterprise security architect at Akamai Technologies, said at the Akamai Tech Day event organized recently in Dubai to discuss the increase in DDoS attacks in the region.

In response to the spike in DDoS attacks around the world and immense pressure on enterprise security teams, Akamai Technologies last year announced a significant evolution of its DDoS protection platform, Prolexic, with a global rollout of new, software-defined scrubbing centers, which will extend its dedicated defence capacity to 20 Tbps and accelerate future product innovations.

“A simple platform is not enough to counter such attacks. Complex problems need skilled support to address them as we do with our DDoS protection platform called Prolexic, applications and API protector, and edge DNS. Akamai is working hard to track the DDoS menace,” he said.

The new scrubbing centers located around the world examine incoming traffic, identify threats, and deal with malicious activity to prevent downtime that affects both end users and networks.

According to Akamai’s SOTI report, there was a 189% increase in application and API attacks in the EMEA region. 

“The rapid acceleration of digital transformation is making APIs the new frontier of digital business and enabling critical business functions. The rising number of web application and API attacks contributed to an approximately 2.5x growth in the amount of attack traffic identified. This volume is likely driven by both the widespread adoption of APIs and an increase in threat activity. In the region, this increase was notable in the e-commerce and media companies,” Fooad Nami, senior solutions engineer at Akamai Technologies said.

During the event, experts from Akamai Technologies explained indepth the company’s strategy of taking into account the three key areas of DNS, applications, and the origin of the infrastructure for studying the dynamic threat landscape.