Andrea Benito
Middle East Editor

2023 CIO50 Middle East Awards: Nominations are now open

Jul 18, 20235 mins
cio50 middle east awards
Credit: IDG

CIO is proud to launch the third edition of CIO50 Awards in the Middle East, recognising the top 50 senior technology executives driving innovation, strengthening resiliency and influencing rapid change.

Reflective of Foundry’s (formerly IDG Communications) increasing commitment to the region, CIO50 is aligned to a global awards program and viewed as a mark of excellence within the enterprise. Nominations are now open for the 2023 awards, with all entries to be reviewed by a select and independent CIO50 Middle East judging panel which will rate each section of the questionnaire to determine the final list. The Awards will take place on a virtual event on November 27th.

Whether a small project or large company-wide initiative, submissions span digital transformation, cloud, and security, in addition to infrastructure modernisation, agile workplace innovation, and the implementation of both established and emerging technologies.

CIO50 Middle East Awards core pillars

In 2023, the CIO50 Middle East awards will be judged on the core pillars of innovation and leadership, honouring transformational, inspiring, and enduring CIOs at both in-country and regional levels within the Middle East

  • Under the innovation pillar, the nomination will describe the technology innovations introduced over the past two years that have changed the way the business operates.
  • Under the leadership pillar, the nomination will describe the ways in which the technology leader has collaborated and influenced the organization and its leadership team.
  • CIO50 Hall of Fame – first 10 winners.
  • CIO of the Year
  • CISO of the Year

New CIO Influencer of the Year Award

Apart from the prestigious CIO50 List, this year the awards will present the inaugural IT Influencer of the Year Award, which will celebrate who is influencing the IT community.

CIO50 Middle East Team of the Year awards

In addition to individual recognition, the Team of the Year awards – introduced in 2022 – will continue in this year’s awards season, spanning Best IT Team of the Year, Innovation, Customer Value, Talent, Culture, and, a brand new category, Sustainability:

  • Innovation: This award recognises technology teams introducing innovative new solutions to enhance business value and meet strategic objectives. Innovation can be internal and help change the way an organisation operates or external and focused on meeting market growth aspirations. It can also include new digital products and services.
  • Customer Value: This award recognises technology teams delivering increased levels of customer experience and value through a refreshed approach to user engagement. Customer Value can span new projects, solutions, and initiatives, in addition to processes, business models, and operations.
  • Talent: This award recognises technology teams creating an enhanced environment for talent development and growth, allowing skilled individuals to flourish and upskilling to thrive. Talent can include new capabilities and competencies, or employee talent programs and market initiatives.
  • Culture: This award recognises technology teams creating an internal culture that inspires individual growth and allows teams to achieve personal and professional goals. Culture can include increasing cultural diversity, celebrating team wins, and/or mentoring staff, among others.
  • *new* Sustainability: This award recognises technology teams delivering sustainability benefits to the organisation via initiatives and innovation that aim to reduce the environmental impact of the ecosystem and organisation’s business operations


The CIO50 is open to the top technology leader within an organisation who has overall responsibility and control of the IT vision and direction of the company.

This C-level executive provides innovation, leadership and resiliency within their organisation, while being at the forefront of decision-making and strategic change.

Specifically, the CIO50 questionnaire seeks to determine:

• the technology innovation/s that have changed the way an organisation operates.

• why the innovation/s are unique in the marketplace.

• the efforts to ensure diversity at the workplace.

• how s/he collaborates and influences the organisation and its leadership team.

• the role technology plays to help the organisation achieve its objectives.


Nominations are now open and run until September 25th. Submissions are free to enter and can be self-nominated or nominated on behalf of someone else, with all entries set for review by a select and independent CIO50 judging panel, who will rate each section of the questionnaire to determine the final list.

The more powerful nominations will be the ones that can provide real-world examples of where technology and digital chiefs successfully provide value to their organisations, drive innovation and lead their teams.

To submit your candidature contact Andrea Benito, editor of CIO Middle East via