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ServiceNow adds new features to its Now Assist generative AI assistant

Jul 26, 20233 mins
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Alongside the new features, the company announced its approach to commercialization with premium SKU offerings across ITSM, CSM, and HRSD, beginning in September with the Vancouver platform release.

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Credit: David Gyung

ServiceNow is adding new features to its Now Assist generative AI assistant that comes bundled with the company’s Now platform, designed to help organizations automate workflows.

The new capabilities of Now Assist, which include case summarization and text-to-code, are compatible with all workflows and are designed to drive productivity and efficiency for organizations, the company said.

The new case summarization feature, according to ServiceNow, uses generative AI to read and distill case information across IT, HR, and customer service cases, including customer or incident details, previous touchpoints, actions taken by involved parties, and the eventual resolution, to create case summary notes within seconds.

This generative AI feature is designed to help organizations phase out the time-consuming manual processes, thereby increasing productivity and collaboration between internal teams while improving customer experience, the company added.

The other new feature, text-to-code, will allow developers to generate code by asking for code suggestions in natural language.

This, according to the company, will cut down the need for developers to write the same code for routine commands and thereby increase productivity.

“The generative AI within the Now Platform will convert the text into high-quality code suggestions and in some cases complete code, which is shared in-line to review, edit, and implement,” the company said in a statement.

While both case summarization and text-to-code features use ServiceNow’s proprietary large language models (LLMs), the latter was trained on a specialized version of the 15-billion-parameter StarCoder LLM — a model that was jointly developed by ServiceNow and Hugging Face using Nvidia’s DGX Cloud.

The case summarization feature also allows organizations to use third-party LLMs including Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and OpenAI API LLMs, the company said.

Last month, the company added Now Assist for Virtual Agent to make it easier for organizations to employ generative AI more broadly in designing and running business processes.

In May, ServiceNow added its ServiceNow Generative AI Controller for connecting large language models (LLMs) to its software automation platform, and Now Assist for Search, which uses those LLMs and an organization’s own data to generate natural language responses to queries made in a virtual agent.

ServiceNow said it will introduce new premium SKU offerings across IT Service Management (ITSM), Customer Service Management (CSM), and Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD), beginning in September with the Vancouver platform release.

Currently, both case summarization and text-to-code are available to a limited set of organizations. The company expects to open these up to all organizations by September.