Zain Kuwait and BMC Helix: Creating customer service management excellence together

BrandPost By Jeff Miller
Jul 31, 20234 mins
IT Leadership

Why Zain Kuwait partnered with BMC Software: An ongoing commitment to service management excellence

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Zain Kuwait became the country’s first mobile operator in 1983 and has since grown into the largest mobile operator in the Middle East, providing voice and data services to more than 53 million customers. Worth more than $2.4 billion, Zain Kuwait employs 7,100 people in seven countries—and is growing largely because of the high level of service quality it provides to its customers. The company carries a brand rating of AA+ with Brand Finance Middle East Top 50 Brands.

Zain Kuwait has relied on BMC as a technology partner for more than a decade for its distributors, branches, shops, and call centers to deliver the quality of service its customers have come to expect.

“BMC has become one of our core service management applications because of its powerful features and capabilities,” said Rami Al-Muey, Inbound Floor Manager, Customer Care Division, Zain Kuwait. “It is used extensively by our call center agents, branches, shops, and distributors to support the biggest customer base in Kuwait.”

As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to improvement and its desire to stay ahead of the rapidly advancing technology curve, Zain Kuwait is constantly looking for solutions to deliver a better customer experience. The company saw an opportunity to do exactly this for its customer service agents.

Enter BMC Helix for Customer Service Management, an enterprise SaaS solution providing a 360-degree view of every inbound customer call to expedite case resolution and deliver outstanding service experiences for every customer. More specifically, Zain Kuwait could now:

  • Aggregate data, in real time, from all customer touchpoints to provide agents with a 360-degree, single source of information
  • Facilitate collaboration between sales, marketing, and other teams to identify and resolve customer care questions directly with call center agents
  • Empower customers to communicate through the channel of their choice, including social media, phone, email, self-service, and chat
  • Provide agents with pre-built case flows to guide interactions and escalations more rapidly toward a solution
  • Integrate BMC Helix for Customer Service Management seamlessly with dozens of its existing systems across customer relationship management (CRM), SMS customer messaging platforms, campaign management, billing, social listening, telephony, and many more—to provide the agent with all the necessary information to be the single source to resolve customer issues
  • Save time by resolving issues on the first customer contact versus delaying customer resolution through warm hand-offs to other departments

The collaborative BMC Helix for Customer Service Management solution also enables Zain Kuwait service agents to provide omnichannel support experiences to customers. Customers can employ a wide array of traditional and digital means to communicate with the Zain Kuwait customer service center.  In turn, no matter how a customer contacts Zain Kuwait team, its agents can access all the customer information at their fingertips because BMC Helix for Customer Service Management intelligently integrates customer relationship history from sources across the company. Embedded reports and dashboards available through BMC Helix for Customer Service Management keep call center managers up to date on individual agent performance and skills. Individualized call agent performance data helps guide call center leaders on training opportunities for continuous improvement.

“We have at least 30 integrations achieved with BMC Helix for Customer Service Management, which allowed us to decrease our service time while increasing agent efficiency,” said Ahmad Alkhabbaz, Technical Systems Specialist at Zain Kuwait. “BMC Helix for Customer Service Management allows our agents to focus on the customer rather than opening various screens to access customer details.”

With BMC Helix for Customer Service Management in place, Zain Kuwait customer service agents have boosted their efficiency by 21% and increased first-call resolution time by 25%. The solution’s global case feature also enables teams to proactively predict potential issues and automatically assign them to the appropriate technical resources to avoid unnecessary escalation. And since the solution can dynamically adapt to new items, products, and system tools, Zain Kuwait will continue to unlock value from its BMC Helix investments while adopting new technologies.

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