by Beth Kormanik

How to build a next-gen workforce

Aug 21, 20233 mins
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Of course we’re going to talk about generative AI at CIO’s Future of Work Summit, a virtual event taking place September 20.

With the promise of generative AI, we’re living through what many believe to be a seismic change in how we work – and who works with and for us.

But that’s not all we’ll talk about. The conference’s theme is Automation and Augmentation: Building a Next-Gen Workforce. We promise to bring insights and examples from multiple industries to help you guide what that future looks like for you.

Our conference team has updated sessions to reflect new innovations and practices that have developed since we originally began planning the event. And we will continue to adapt our content until we go live on September 20.

Still, common themes have started to emerge. Here are three things to watch out for:

The future is here.

Companies have already started to adjust their org charts, job descriptions, and titles to adapt to the dawn of the age of AI. Justin Martinez, practice leader in the executive search firm Korn Ferry’s Technology Officers Practice, will share changes in how and what companies are hiring for now.

What’s next? Futurist Samantha Radocchia will make sense of the changes to tell us what’s next in the near term, whether that’s what it will be like for people to collaborate with autonomous colleagues or how to embrace these transformations without being left behind. She will also answer your questions in a live discussion.

It’s not all about generative AI.

IT leaders are going beyond the chatbot to achieve greater productivity and innovation. Mark Austin, vice president of data science at AT&T, will talk about the company’s highly successful intelligent automation initiatives with CIO Senior Writer Thor Olavsrud.

Don’t sleep on security.

While CISOs and CIOs have had to grapple with shadow IT for years, they now have to contend with shadow AI as employees experiment on their own with ChatGPT and other technologies. Learn from a panel of CIOs and analysts on how to maintain control of these exciting – yet dangerous – tools. (Anyone interested in a deeper dive into security’s role in AI should join us in person at the CSO50 Conference + Awards in October.)

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