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BrandPost By Trent Fierro, Content and Operations at HPE Aruba Networking
Aug 23, 20233 mins
Artificial Intelligence
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It’s interesting how the number of projected IoT devices being connected in 2023 can differ by 26 billion from article to article. What it tells me is that no one really knows because new devices are being introduced on a daily basis and it’s hard to keep track. I can’t imagine being an IT administrator in a large, distributed environment. You’re bound to find unknown devices on a regular basis.

I’m not sure how many of the billions of IoT devices are making it onto business, education, hospitality, and other enterprise networks but I do know that many of our customers express concerns with the impact they will create on their networks—be it connectivity specific, bandwidth oriented, and security related.

Here is where AI networking features can help. Today’s management and infrastructure are designed to populate a data lake with valuable information that helps accurately determine the type of endpoint clients that are on your network. You can then create policies per client type where you allow or deny access.  Initial visibility leads to proper segmentation for security purposes and so that users aren’t surprising you with unknown clients.

From a bandwidth perspective, you can also see the type and amount of traffic clients are generating. Why allow bandwidth hungry clients onto a segment that you already know has a hard limit? Or if users start complaining that the network is slow you can easily see what’s on the network and if they are causing the increased traffic volume – by client type and applications.

HPE Aruba Networking Central includes a feature called Client Insights that gives you AI-powered profiling, traffic visibility and also lets you see if IoT clients change their behavior. If a wall mounted surveillance camera goes mobile, we know you have a problem that we can help with.

We’ve created a short podcast where we discuss this topic further so that you can hear directly from Ziad Hadi, Product Line Manager for Client Insights.

This blog was published on on 8/1/2023.

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