The CIO’s guide to navigating the new ways of work

Sep 05, 20233 mins
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The way organisations work has fundamentally changed forever. Four key areas are now becoming a key priority for CIOs and IT leaders: managed services, hybrid working, security and sustainability.

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Credit: HP

CIOs and IT leaders around the world are focusing in on new priorities while facing similar challenges and pressures.

Most are seeking to modernise their applications and infrastructure, harden security and create scope for innovative services and products. Shifts in the economy and working practices are pushing them to prioritise talent acquisition and retention, while supporting a hybrid workforce – which also comes with its own security challenges.

Meanwhile, they are increasingly called upon to ensure technology related to environmental sustainability is deployed aggressively, while playing an active role in minimising the environmental impact of their infrastructure and technology.

Adding to the complexity of navigating these enormous tasks, is the fact that different industries face different challenges.

For some, financing will be a consideration as it will help determine whether to purchase technologies as a capital expense (capex) and manage them internally, or as an operational expense (opex) and leverage managed services.

While some will need to consider whether there are industry-specific compliance or audit requirements before bringing new technologies into the business. Others must weigh up the flexibility of their users, and their demands around performance and experience. HP has created a series of eBooks to help CIOs navigate this complex new environment. Each book is a reference guide to the topics of managed services, security, hybrid work and sustainability. And provides a deep dive across six sectors: healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, transport and business services.

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