Andrea Benito
Middle East Editor

High-tech buses to serve 25,000 students in Dubai

Sep 04, 20233 mins
Credit: Shutterstock

RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) is gearing up for the new 2023-2024 academic year by deploying advanced buses to serve some 25,000 students across Dubai. DTC’s school transport fleet complies with the highest local and international quality and safety standards, guaranteeing students’ travel to and from school.

“Using DTC’s extensive experience and resources, combined with investments in advanced school bus technologies, highlights our strategic drive to increase parental and community-wide confidence while providing a safe transportation environment.” for students,” said DTC Director of Fleet Operations Rashid Al Braiki. “DTC’s school buses are equipped with a variety of smart features, including surveillance cameras, a system to ensure no student is left behind at the end of each trip, a system to detect the movement of passing students, and an alert system to contact the emergency management center immediately. They are also equipped with an advanced electronic tracking system that uses GPS technology and a radio frequency identification (RFID) system to expedite the boarding and disembarkation of students, as well as an automatic fire extinguishing system for engines,” he added.

DTC provides a wide range of services to customers and is committed to providing quality transportation services to meet the needs of consumers. It is also focused on improving the level of service with innovative and modern offers.

“DTC promotes safe and responsible driving skills among school bus drivers and attendants with high-level specialized training courses. DTC also conducts emergency case management and first aid drills to ensure that the team be ready and able to deal with any emergency that may arise during the school transportation process,” said Al Braiki.

Dubai Taxi Corporation has its own digital transformation strategic plan for the years 2022-2025. The goal is to emphasis in digital mobility, sustainability and customer satisfaction. In order to achieve that the strategy has nine main pillars, which include artificial intelligence, smart revenue systems, the Internet of Things, smart city initiatives, big data utilization, governance, upgraded security systems, process automation, paperless initiatives, future transformation, and smart services.

The nine key drivers of DTC’s digital transformation strategy encompass 45 initiatives including artificial intelligence. These initiatives include an automated AI response (chatbot) to the customers inquiries, a voice virtual assistance at the call centre to respond to customer requests and inquiries, a system for Taxi Demand Prediction to distribute vehicles according to the entered data, and Driver Face Recognition System to verify the driver’s identity and comply with the security measures if the vehicle is used only by an unauthorised driver.