VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services unleash partner capabilities to help customers become cloud smart

BrandPost By Scott C. Bergquist
Sep 14, 20234 mins
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The future of multi-cloud managed services has arrived, and it looks brighter than ever.

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In a rapidly evolving business landscape, where innovation and cost efficiency are paramount, the launch of VMware Cross-Cloud managed services at VMware Explore 2023 Las Vegas is a pivotal moment.

Announced in April at VMware’s Partner Leadership Summit, VMware Cross-Cloud managed services redefine the way organizations address the complexities of multi-cloud, offering unparalleled flexibility, scalability and efficiency, all with the invaluable support of specialized VMware managed services partners.


The Faster, Safer Path to the Cloud

VMware Cross-Cloud managed services allow businesses to play offense and defense by enabling them to invest confidently in growth and innovation while simultaneously optimizing their IT spending and talent pool through an ecosystem of validated managed services offerings built on a common foundation.

The Power of VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services

VMware Cross-Cloud managed services represent a step change in how VMware customers can leverage highly capable, validated and specialized managed services partners. These managed services empower businesses to seamlessly reduce the operational complexity of their workloads across diverse multi-cloud environments. Partners that have earned the VMware Cross-Cloud managed services badge help VMware customers bridge the gap between private, sovereign and public clouds, providing organizations the agility needed to navigate the complexities of the modern digital landscape.


VMware Cross-Cloud managed services are made up of prescriptive offerings across hybrid cloud as well as native public cloud and modern apps. These offerings power validated partner services, all built on a common, best-in-class VMware foundation.

  • Hybrid Cloud:
    • Private Cloud, powered by VMware Cloud editions
    • Public Cloud, powered by VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Native Public Cloud and Modern Apps:
    • Centralized Governance, powered by VMware Aria for Multi-Cloud
    • Cost Optimization, powered by VMware Aria Cost
    • Cloud-Native App Delivery, powered by VMware Tanzu

The prescriptive and validated nature of VMware Cross-Cloud managed services means more choice in how customers leverage VMware technology to create value as well as enhanced operational consistency and quality of experience with certified Cross-Cloud managed services partners.

This allows customers to de-risk IT investments, expand deployment options, improve security and resiliency, and optimize cloud ROI with consistent operations and seamless interoperability.

Key Features and Benefits

Learn more below on some of the key features that make VMware Cross-Cloud managed services a game-changer for customers.

  • A fast, de-risked path to cloud: Validated offerings delivered, operated and supported by VMware Cross-Cloud managed services partners—with a standardized platform and operational model augmented by customized cloud services.
  • Play offense and defense: With the freedom to choose the best cloud environments for their applications and workloads, organizations can innovate faster, bringing products and services to market more swiftly, while optimizing cost of ownership and operation.
  • Flexibility: Organizations can now choose the cloud environments that best suit their specific needs. Whether it’s a private cloud, a public cloud or a hybrid model, VMware Cross-Cloud managed services enable seamless migration and management, without reconfiguration.
  • Full operational consistency with existing VMware investments: With VMware Cross-Cloud managed services, customers can leverage an ecosystem of partner offers built on a unified platform to manage applications, data, and infrastructure across multiple clouds. This prescriptive approach simplifies operations, reduces complexity, and improves overall efficiency.

As the curtains rise on VMware Explore 2023, VMware Cross-Cloud managed service partners are ready to revolutionize the way businesses approach multi-cloud infrastructure management, operations, governance and cost optimization. These partner offers will open new doors for organizations, empowering them to harness the true potential of multi-cloud while enjoying the benefits of flexibility, scalability and optimized cost.

The future of multi-cloud managed services has arrived, and it looks brighter than ever.