Proving your worth: Strategies to validate and elevate your IT service department

BrandPost By TOPdesk
Oct 12, 20233 mins
Managed IT Services

Four strategies for demonstrating your value on multiple levels


In the business world, service desks are commonly designated as cost centers, a label that can sometimes limit their access to essential resources and support. This categorization tends to encourage a more reactive approach, as they often find themselves responding to incidents rather than proactively shaping outcomes. Such views of service desks can diminish their significance, pushing them down the priority ladder. How can we change this perspective? It comes down to consistently demonstrating your value and dispelling any doubts in key company stakeholders. The following are strategies you can leverage as a team to change this attitude:

  • Leveraging data for impact

One key strategy is using data to demonstrate the service desk’s influence on your organization’s bottom line. This involves analyzing key metrics like resolution times, ticket volumes, knowledge base usage, and call data. These metrics offer invaluable insights for continuous improvement. The TOPdesk dashboard streamlines this process, making it easier to justify investments, even when budget constraints are at play.

  • Crafting a persuasive business case

Creating a business case is a powerful way to demonstrate your value to key stakeholders who can champion your cause. It’s used to establish objectives that align with business goals, gather pertinent data on the service desk’s current status, quantify benefits such as cost savings and productivity gains, and estimate ROI. Use these items to highlight how your investment pays off over time. Additionally, employ the business case as a tool to tackle potential risks and develop strategies for their mitigation. Present your plan with a compelling story that engages stakeholders and emphasizes value.

  • Realizing ROI and value

Identifying the challenges and subsequent quantification of solutions can be a powerful tactic for justifying future projects. To illustrate the real-world impact of these strategies, let’s focus on Wodonga TAFE. After selection and implementation of the TOPdesk service desk software, the organization achieved a higher ROI and a 50% reduction in resolution time through improved ticket management. Emphasizing the tangible value of current and future projects can demonstrate the value of your team and service desk.  

  • Efficiency through technology and automation

Automated service desk processes can significantly enhance efficiency, reducing repetitive tasks while minimizing the risk of human errors. To harness their full potential, establish clear expectations, create a roadmap for automation, and evaluate frequently received requests for additional operational improvements. KLM, a global airline, successfully automated reporting and tracking, enabling them to proactively manage their complex operational network. This resulted in a significant cultural shift towards enhanced operational efficiency and responsiveness.

The bottom line: Recognizing the value of service desks

Your service desk is crucial for delivering exceptional service to both employees and clients. Through leveraging these tactics, you can demonstrate how a fully equipped service desk can reduce financial impact and benefit the entire structure of your company. As leaders of the service desk, it’s up to you to ensure a cultural shift happens to position you as a highly valuable asset to decision makers.