HUAWEI eKit makes digital business easy for distributors

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Oct 20, 20234 mins
Digital Transformation
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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) aren’t just businesses; they’re the pillars that uphold the global economy, accounting for 50% of global GDP and 70% of jobs. Their influence is undeniable – which is why Huawei has created a new digital platform to support them.

Despite their vast numbers, a significant portion of SMEs are only now beginning to harness the power of digital technology.

While 70% of SMEs have digital tools in their business operations, the realm of digitalisation – true end-to-end business process conducted through digital systems – is still at a premature stage for most businesses.

SMEs generally have their hands full doing businesses, and often don’t have the dedicated teams to lead digital transformation projects on their behalf.

Huawei opens new doors to small to medium businesses

Huawei has developed a strategy and a suite of products targeted toward digitally enabling small to medium enterprise players in the distribution business.

Its new HUAWEI eKit platform is a rebrandable, enterprise quality digital platform for SMEs to distribute Huawei products to their customers.

The aim is to make it easy for SMEs to digitalise their processes end-to-end. Using HUAWEI eKit, distributors can get digital marketing, transaction processing, service, sales enablement and partner operations capabilities.

While enterprises spend millions getting these processes up and running, Huawei is providing it to its SME distributors at no cost.

Huawei’s aim is to make it easy for small to medium businesses to distribute Huawei products worldwide, with a ready-built web sales platform available. SMEs will experience none of the growing pains of developing it themselves.

Making digital transformation easier with HUAWEI eKit

HUAWEI eKit isn’t just a platform but also a wide-ranging commitment from Huawei to bolstering the huge potential of the SME market.

The HUAWEI eKit provides everything needed to create a well-managed digital distribution partner system, covering the basics from quoting and transaction processing to the broader spectrum of business processes like partner operations and sales enablement.

It incorporates competitive rebate policies through sustainable practices and well-designed rules, handling problems that often come from the variables in the distribution environment.

“HUAWEI eKit has established a complete distribution partner system and maintained a healthy market order. By developing marketable distribution products and efficient IT tools, the HUAWEI eKit can help gold and elite distribution partners serve lower-level installers and meet the business needs of countless SMEs,” said Wei Xianbin, Director of the Distribution MKT & Product Sales Dept, Huawei Enterprise BG, HUAWEI.

“Currently, it has carried out distribution business in 41 countries and regions outside China, and 125 partners have registered as Huawei’s gold DPs (distribution partners),” Mr Wei said.

Wide array of Huawei products now distributable via eKit

What sets HUAWEI eKit apart is its flexibility. It’s not just about simply selling products but also helping distributors easily create solutions that are tailor-made for specific industry vertical scenarios.

By the end of 2023, HUAWEI eKit will feature over 50 unique hardware products which can be combined for more than 30 typical customer scenarios, spanning sectors from SOHO and hotels to retail.



Alex Sun, Vice President of Huawei Datacom Distribution Business, said Huawei Datacom is rapidly bringing products online in the platform to make sure distributors can stay ahead of competitors.

For example, HUAWEI eKit will launch converged gateways with better overall utility, andbetter performance, along with APs that support more scenarios, and more user-friendly apps.

The HUAWEI eKit environment also supports sales of Huawei IdeaHub, a state-of-the-art interactive display designed for modern offices. Users can write on the screen with extremely low delay, conduct HD video conferencing and share content wirelessly to it. It can be integrated into a diverse range of environments, from retail to hospitals to luxury hotels.

The practical steps in digitising your distribution business

HUAWEI eKit platform, consisting of the HUAWEI eKit website and HUAWEI eKit App, is a practical and straightforward tool designed for partners to become quickly digitally enabled.

The platform focuses on partner development, including rebate policies, sales enablement, marketing materials and funding support.

Huawei has a vision for a seamlessly integrated, digital future for SME distribution partners. Explore what HUAWEI eKit could mean for your business.