Why the BT era is more important than the digital era

Technologies and "eras" change. The only constant is the need for specific business outcomes.

Business or tech: Who should do strategy translation?

Should business or tech translate strategy? Three reasons why a less obvious choice might be better.

How to avoid a digital strategy failure

Are executives using the right approach to devise a digital strategy that would guide them to invest in the right initiatives?

How to enable SDLC for strategy translation

SDLC is not just a method for engineering. It is where strategy translation can take place. So it's critical for CIOs to ensure that their SDLC is enabled for strategy translation. We need 3 broad changes to SDLC. Make strategic...

2 things that determine your project’s strategic potential

Discovery and design determine whether or not your software or technology project has the potential to eventually generate strategic outcomes. If you are considering executing a project, use a discovery and design method that is...

Why your IT strategy may not help translate business strategy

Strategy translation in software practice is about ensuring strategic potential before investing in technical and business change implementation. Such a critical activity must get its inputs directly from your organization’s overall...

If tech implementation is not the first thing to focus on, what is?

To execute business strategy through technology, start with a focus on strategy translation. Make the Business phase of software practice a strategy translation phase, rather than just a requirements analysis phase. Ensure that what...

Why the business phase of software practice needs improvement

Software practice has been continually improved. Yet, the C-suite is disappointed due to technology’s poor contribution to organizational strategic agenda. The reason: we made strategy-related improvements in IT governance, but we did...

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