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cio spring 2019 digital edge 50 by taylor callery

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How to stop the chaos and truly collaborate

Multiple internal and external specialists in your initiative means risk and uncertainty. How do you get them to collaborate and deliver strategic outcomes?

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Top IT spending priorities for 2019

From data analytics to cybersecurity to customer experience, here’s where CIOs will direct their IT budgets this year.


Gender diversity in IT: How companies are getting tangible results | TECH(talk)

How much progress has been made in gender diversity in the tech field in the past few years? CIO writer Sharon Florentine, who frequently blogs about women in IT, talks with hosts Juliet Beauchamp and Ken Mingis about companies that...

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4 reasons why you should consider a platform strategy

Platforms from which to deliver products and services can be very profitable ways to gain market share and build customer loyalty. Any CIO involved in developing a digital strategy for a new product launch should consider whether a...

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Managing multi cloud

Is multi-cloud a business risk or just a new way of doing business?

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Public cloud: Real-world examples of strategic success

The public cloud has become a strategic tool for digital transformation. IT leaders lend advice on migrating to public cloud services to drive innovation, agility and revenue growth.

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The 3 surprising secrets that drive innovation in the digital era

What if creating innovative breakthroughs and developing a much-heralded innovation culture isn't about creating tiger teams or unleashing unbridled, free-wheeling creativity into every corner of the organization? What if driving...

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15 characteristics of IT digital maturity

Gauging IT success is about triangulating value from different lenses and peeling through IT digital maturity from a variety of angles.

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Choosing the right collaboration technology for workplace connectivity

If they don’t involve the people and the critical processes they’re involved in, business decision-makers will fly blind when making technology decisions.

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4 signs your delegation style is hurting your team

While it’s important for CIOs to empowers their leaders, it shouldn’t replace decisive action that drives results. Trust your team, but don’t abdicate your responsibility to guide.

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CIO succession planning in the digital age

The tech talent squeeze means CIOs must build deep leadership benches. Here, CIOs and analysts reveal how to groom high potentials for top roles.

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CIO Leadership Live with Mike Skinner, EVP and CIO at Eurpac Service

Mike Skinner, EVP and CIO at Eurpac Service, joins host Maryfran Johnson to discuss cybersecurity, data science skills, AI and more on this episode of CIO Leadership Live.

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#MeToo in tech: how to go from window dressing to action

The #MeToo movement ushered in a wave of gender parity awareness in nearly every industry, yet many women are still feeling underrepresented in tech. Can we do more to make IT more welcoming to women?

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Creating an organization that excels at digital

Digital isn’t always easy but the organizations that succeed will survive the next wave of digital disruption. Those that don’t will have a "Kodak Moment."

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Developing a business-driven, customer-obsessed IT strategy

For Oshkosh Corporation CIO Anupam Khare, the goal is for IT to enable the business strategy and add significant business value – all the while ensuring customers’ needs inside and out of the company are met.

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‘No pain, no gain?’ How about ‘little pain, great gain?’

New and innovative technologies are seductive. They draw us in. They spark our imagination. They open new business opportunities. While it’s important for CIOs to remain in-the-know, it’s also imperative for CIOs to support business...

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9 biggest hurdles to AI adoption

Early adopters are beginning to reap real business results from artificial intelligence implementations. But rolling out an AI initiative isn’t without its challenges.

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The 8 toughest decisions IT leaders face

Making decisions is what technology leaders are paid to do. But some choices are harder than others.

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