Rob Pickering

A look back at last year's CIO50: #12 Rob Pickering, Cbus Super

We profile REA Group's Tomas Varsavsky, who slotted in at number 12.

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A look back at last year's CIO50: #13 Tomas Varsavsky, REA Group

We profile REA Group's Tomas Varsavsky, who slotted in at number 13.

Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT / Smart Factory

How RPA helps organizations deal with a global crisis

The coronavirus has caused priorities to shift. There is a new focus on automation tools that can be rapidly deployed to decrease costs, support the remote execution of business processes and build resilience.


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4 steps to a more resilient, multi-generational IT workforce

Intergenerational differences among tech workers can create collaboration challenges and a culture of blame when things go wrong — particularly in the heightened anxiety of today’s business environment. The CIO is in a unique position...

remote worker / digital nomad / coder / developer / programmer / headphones / laptop / MacBook

5 tips for remote IT onboarding

If you’re hiring during the pandemic, onboarding can be tricky. IT leaders share advice for developing a secure, seamless onboarding process for new IT hires at a distance.

Cybersecurity lock with the abstract circuitry of a security fabric.

What is the Risk Management Framework (RMF)? A standardized security framework

Risk management and security are top concerns for most organizations, especially in government industries. The Risk Management Framework (RMF) integrates security into the early development stages to help speed up time to delivery...

cio to ceo man with briefcase on skateboard career growth speed blur career path

From CIO to CEO: 10 tips for taking your career to the top

CIOs turned presidents and CEOs discuss their rise to the top and offer insights for IT leaders considering similar leaps.

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Podcast: CIO Leadership Live with Stuart Kippelman, CIO, Parsons

Stuart Kippelman, CIO at Parsons, joins Maryfran Johnson for this CIO Leadership Live interview, which is jointly produced by and the CIO Executive Council. Listen as they discuss post-COVID productivity, work-from-anywhere...

art and science of pivot woman looking up golden ratio math equations by metamorworks getty images

The art (and science) of the IT project pivot

Shifting business needs and faltering progress are just a few reasons why an IT project needs course-correction. Here’s how to recognize the signs and make difficult changes for the good.


How the Australian Red Cross is using tech to handle COVID-19 fallout

2020 has been a busy time for Australian Red Cross staff and volunteers as they respond to the dual challenges of providing aid to communities affected by COVID-19 and from some of the country’s worst bushfires on record.


Simon Herbert

A look back at last year's CIO50: #14 Simon Herbert, NSW Data Analytics Centre

We profile the NSW Data Analytics Centre's Simon Herbert, who slotted in at number 14.

Alex Twigg

A look back at last year's CIO50: #15 Alex Twigg, Judo Bank

We profile Judo Bank's Alex Twigg, who slotted in at number 15.

development / collaboration / teamwork

7 attributes to look for in a deputy IT leader

The CIO has become pivotal — and demanding. But having a trusted No. 2 can help ease the pain. Here's how to find the best second-in-command.


A look back at last year's CIO50: #16 Vincent ten Krooden, Mortgage Choice

We profile Mortgage Choice's Vincent ten Krooden, who slotted in at number 16.

Damian Madden

A look back at last year's CIO50: #17 Damian Madden, The Woolmark Company

We profile The Woolmark Company's Damian Madden, who slotted in at number 17.