Chris Locke

A look back at last year's CIO50: #22 Chris Locke, Flight Centre Travel Group

We profile Flight Centre Group's Chris Locke who slotted in at number 22 in 2019.

Fiona Rankin

A look back at last year's CIO50: #23 Fiona Rankin, University of Wollongong

We profile University of Wollongong's Fiona Rankin, who slotted in at number 23.

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20 reasons why software projects fail

From outsized expectations to fundamental feature changes, software development projects get derailed — or declared failures — thanks to a variety of project management and technical factors.



A look back at last year's CIO50: #24 Raju Varanasi, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta

We profile Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta's Raju Varanasi who slotted in at number 24 in 2019.

brad corporate headshot 1

A look back at last year's CIO50: #25 Bradley Blyth, flybuys

Today, we profile flybuys’ chief technology officer, Bradley Blyth who slotted in at number 25 in 2019.

A hand holds a face mask, surrounded by virus morphology.

8 key IT lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis

IT’s heroic response to the pandemic has highlighted the technologies, strategies and culture necessary to drive success going forward.

Squeegee cleaning glass with blue sky

4 ways to run a leaner dev team

Covid-19 has brought many challenges for today's IT leaders, including continuing to drive new value without adding talent or increasing budget. Here's a new look at running lean.

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How to negotiate a cloud SLA

It is essential to ensure that providers make good on their enterprise-level commitments related to service and performance, that’s where the cloud service-level agreement, or SLA, comes in.

abstract data analytics

Why data analytics initiatives still fail

Strong data analytics is a digital business imperative — and it all begins with data governance, the right strategy and an emphasis on data-conscious culture.

holden bombadoor CIO on handling the corners through COVID-19

Online car yard, saw its inventory rise when COVID-19 hit three months ago as nervous customers put the brakes on buying motor vehicles.


SAP sign

SAP CEO outlines new directions at Sapphire Now

Christian Klein, sole CEO since April, emphasized sustainability and an ambition to provide more industry-specific solutions at its flagship virtual event.

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CIOs seek digital momentum coming out of crisis mode

CIOs who scrambled to support remote workforces during the COVID-19 pandemic are padding their digital operating models with practices and tools geared for digital transformation.

reflection of clouds on high rise building

The most valuable cloud computing certifications today

Looking for an edge in today’s IT job marketplace? Benchmark your cloud computing knowledge and skills with one or more of these highly regarded cloud computing certifications.

man throwing boomerang ocean shore business plan return home outsourcing insourcing by ferrantraite

11 steps to insourcing success

Thinking about insourcing currently outsourced IT work to cut costs or make good on a long-term strategic plan? Here’s how to do it right.

Architectural dome reflected in a crystal ball. / future / predictions / forecast / fortune telling

How PagerDuty helps customer service and IT teams improve responses

PagerDuty uses machine learning to anticipate issues and dramatically accelerate responses, so problems are addressed before they impact customers