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Podcast: CIO Leadership Live with Stuart Kippelman, CIO, Parsons

Stuart Kippelman, CIO at Parsons, joins Maryfran Johnson for this CIO Leadership Live interview, which is jointly produced by and the CIO Executive Council. Listen as they discuss post-COVID productivity, work-from-anywhere...

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The art (and science) of the IT project pivot

Shifting business needs and faltering progress are just a few reasons why an IT project needs course-correction. Here’s how to recognize the signs and make difficult changes for the good.


How the Australian Red Cross is using tech to handle COVID-19 fallout

2020 has been a busy time for Australian Red Cross staff and volunteers as they respond to the dual challenges of providing aid to communities affected by COVID-19 and from some of the country’s worst bushfires on record.


Simon Herbert

A look back at last year's CIO50: #14 Simon Herbert, NSW Data Analytics Centre

We profile the NSW Data Analytics Centre's Simon Herbert, who slotted in at number 14.

Alex Twigg

A look back at last year's CIO50: #15 Alex Twigg, Judo Bank

We profile Judo Bank's Alex Twigg, who slotted in at number 15.

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7 attributes to look for in a deputy IT leader

The CIO has become pivotal — and demanding. But having a trusted No. 2 can help ease the pain. Here's how to find the best second-in-command.


A look back at last year's CIO50: #16 Vincent ten Krooden, Mortgage Choice

We profile Mortgage Choice's Vincent ten Krooden, who slotted in at number 17.

Damian Madden

A look back at last year's CIO50: #17 Damian Madden, The Woolmark Company

We profile The Woolmark Company's Damian Madden, who slotted in at number 17.

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Learn PyTorch: The best free online courses and tutorials

Look no further than these excellent free resources to master the development of deep learning models using PyTorch

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The CIO’s return to the workplace playbook

IT executives will face unique challenges when employees begin returning to the workplace. Here are seven key questions every CIO must answer in devising their optimal plan.


angela coble

A look back at last year's CIO50: #18 Angela Coble, Johnson & Johnson

We profile Johnson & Johnson's Angela Coble, who slotted in at number 18.

julie wright cio50 1

A look back at last year's CIO50: #19 Julie Wright, Porter Davis

We profile Porter Davis' Julie Wright, who slotted in at number 19.

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The 15 most valuable IT certifications today

Looking for a leg up in your IT career? Here are the most valuable IT certifications you can earn to boost your salary in 2020.

Andrew Cann

A look back at last year's CIO50: #20 Andrew Cann, WA Police

We profile WA Police's Andrew Cann, who slotted in at number 20 in 2019.

Brett Wilson

A look back at last year's CIO50: #21 Brett Wilson, MJH Group

We profile MJH Group's Brett Wilson, who slotted in at number 21 in 2019.