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Podcast The CIO Show

The CIO Show: Exit interviews with Australian tech chiefs

We talk to four senior technology executives who have just left their CIO roles. They reflect on the successes they had, their missteps, what they learned with the benefit of hindsight, and how they will apply these lessons in the...

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NSW Police reveals cyber hackathon winners

Hackathon teams from Charles Sturt and Southern Cross Universities have been named the winners at this year’s inaugural NSW Police Force ‘Cybercrime Think Tank’, held on Thursday.

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What is NLP? Natural language processing explained

Natural language processing is a branch of AI that enables computers to understand, process, and generate language just as people do — and its use in business is rapidly growing.

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7 ways CIOs sabotage their own success

The past year has accelerated the need for CIOs to become business leaders. Here’s how many IT chiefs will undercut their ability to step up to the challenges ahead.

Agile Project Management

12 project management myths to avoid

Don’t let your projects fall prey to the unnecessary confusion, uncertainty, and harm that can result from these all-too-commonly held project management misconceptions.

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Podcast The CIO Show

The CIO Show: NSW Police's CIO Gordon Dunsford on digital crime fighting

Gordon Dunsford, CIO at NSW Police is without a doubt one of the most fascinating tech leaders around.

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Leading future-ready organizations

Agile development is key to effective transformation. Here's how to break through the barriers and achieve your Agile aspirations.

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IT leaders re-evaluate skillsets for the long haul

CIOs are meeting talent shortages and transforming tech agendas head on by assessing staff skills and developing roadmaps for obtaining the know-how necessary for long-term success.

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7 IT hiring trends for 2021

COVID-19 sparked immediate change in the technology industry — and businesses have overhauled how they recruit, hire, and retain IT talent as a result.

vcmar think tank update

Creating a multicloud security architecture: IDG's CIO Think Tank

IDG convened 30 senior IT executives as part of our CIO Think Tank Program to explore key opportunities and challenges with multicloud – including security issues IT leaders face in building a true multicloud architecture. Join us as...

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How COVID contingency best practices can help save the planet

The shift to a hybrid workforce has had a positive impact not just on productivity and work/life balance, but on the environment and global climate change. Let's keep it that way.

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What is a PEST analysis? Preparing your business for external impacts

Conducting a PEST analysis can help your business determine the critical and most influential political, economic, social, and technological factors that will impact your business.

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CIO change agents: The art of the IT turnaround

CIOs from ecommerce, insurance, and automotive sectors discuss how they changed their IT cultures to pave the way for digital transformations.


CEO directives: Top 10 initiatives for IT leaders

The CEO charter for CIOs this year: Lead digital transformation, capitalize on data analytics, and collaborate more with the business.

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Strategies for elevating security to an evergreen business priority

PwC Chief Information and Technology Officer James Shira is an expert on managing security's big picture. With the growing focus on risk management from boards and senior leadership, James shares advice on keeping security and risk...

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Why steering committees fail to engage (and 5 ways to hold them accountable)

There are some common reasons why a transformation steering committee may fail to engage—from a lack of motivation to a bias toward inaction, Here's how transformation leaders can overcome those blockers.

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7 business skills every IT leader needs to succeed

Today’s CIO needs more than technology mastery. Long-term career success also demands a commitment to developing a set of core business skills.

rebecca mitchell

CIO In-depth: Bankwest’s tech chief Rebecca Mitchell

The banking veteran shares her journey to the top, and how genuine diversity across the board means it’s better equipped to face the challenges ahead.

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