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CIOs take the lead in pursuit of operational efficiencies

Operational efficiency has taken on greater urgency since the pandemic began. CIOs are leaning into automation, digital tech, and the cloud to remove friction and create value.

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CIO 100 2020: A Fireside Chat with Danny Attias

We sat down with the 2020 UK CIO 100 leader Danny Attias, CDIO at Anthony Nolan trust to talk about the incredible work he and his team are doing at the blood cancer specialist charity

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Podcast The CIO Show

The CIO Show: CIO50 Australia 2020 wrap up

In this week's episode of The CIO Show, we catch up with the technology executives who took the top 3 positions in the 2020 CIO50 Australia list.

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4 promising AR/VR pilots in business

Augmented reality and virtual reality implementations are emerging across several sectors, thanks to their value in providing remote training and hands-free access to information.

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7 attributes every IT leader must have

Leadership has little to do with one's title or seniority; it's an attribute that's earned over time through study, practice and commitment. Are you prepared to become a true leader?

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Australia's top technology and digital chiefs are crowned

Ramsay Health Care's John Sutherland took out the number 1 position in this year's CIO50 list.

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5 myths and realities of IT culture change

To drive digital transformation, IT organizations must embrace change. Ineffective or outdated notions of what it takes can derail success.

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How to run a successful IT apprenticeship program

Running an effective IT apprenticeship programs can help your company diversify your talent pipeline, fill skills gaps and upskill and retain workers on the latest technology.

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Podcast The CIO Show

The CIO Show: What happened to blockchain?

Blockchain reached an almost fever pitch of hype back in 2017, before falling into a deep trough of disillusionment. Apart from its role in supporting cryptocurrency, and the odd out-there fad like CryptoKitties, the technology failed...

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CIOs on the hook for governance as automation rises

With business leaders increasingly pushing for automation, CIOs must step up to help guide how and where such technologies should be deployed.

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eHealth NSW wins Community Program Award

This year’s winner of the CIO50 ‘Community Program’ Award is eHealth NSW.

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10 tips for modernizing legacy IT systems

IT modernization is a key component for establishing an agile, responsive enterprise. IT leaders lend advice on how to transform legacy tech into digital assets.

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6 hidden risks of IT automation

Automation is increasingly seen as a key IT strategy for competitive advantage, but pitfalls await those who fail to heed precautions.

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The one skill every CIO needs for better board conversations

For IT leaders to stand out as strategic business contributors, simply presenting your materials isn't enough: Engage the board with a few great questions of your own.

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CIOs look to capitalize on the COVID spotlight

The pandemic has propelled CIOs to center stage, winning accolades for their transformative efforts. The next act is all about making sure this is a permanent role, not a cameo performance.

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Ready, set, change! Building a fair, equitable and just IT culture

Redefining workplace culture is no small task. But with the right leadership competencies, management discipline, and a tenacious commitment to the task at hand, you can activate your new organizational vision.

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Are retail CIOs ready for the ecommerce holiday explosion?

With Covid-19 still keeping shoppers out of stores, data-driven technology is going to be more critical than ever this year to make sure customers enjoy a seamless path to purchase. But, are retail IT organizations ready for a...

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Podcast The CIO Show

The CIO Show: Vertical series - Digitising healthcare

In this episode of The CIO Show, we kick off our monthly vertical series looking at the healthcare sector in Australia and how its digital transformation journey is progressing.

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