Consumer shopper buying Toilet paper [retail, COVID-19, hoarding]

Retail’s COVID-19 woes written on toilet paper

While desperate customers wrestle over fast-disappearing toilet paper rolls in the supermarket aisles, the suddenly precious commodity has served to highlight the kinds of key supply chain issues CIOs are now facing because of...

coronavirus lab research analytics by da kuk getty

Tableau joins effort to fight pandemic with data

Tableau's COVID-19 Data Hub is an example of how data and analytics companies are mobilizing data resources to help combat the novel coronavirus.

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A CIO’s guide to AI: Australian artificial intelligence suffering from arrested development

In part 1 of this guide, we provide a view of the AI landscape in Australia. Where is AI being deployed? Expectations versus realities? Are adoption rates falling behind the rest of the world? What is holding AI back in this country?

Airplane at the airport with a coronavirus sign in the foreground [Covid-19, travel, planes]

How Adelaide Airport is dealing with COVID-19 fallout

As domestic and international flights come to a screeching halt due to the COVID-19 crisis, Adelaide Airport’s technology team is facing new challenges around setting up and supporting remote teams of workers.

Centrelink service centre signage

404: Technology leadership not found in Aussie government

The myGov failure this week isn’t the first instance of incompetent IT practice in the government, but it should be the last one allowed.

Mandy Ross

Tabcorp’s tech tsar Mandy Ross sees good and bad in COVID-19 trenches

Outgoing Tabcorp CIO, Mandy Ross, says COVID-19 has thrown many Australian organisations and her professional peers into complete disarray over the past few weeks.

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Australian CIOs scramble to manage teleworker exodus in face of COVID-19

If the average day of a 21st century CIO consists of perpetually herding cats, then surely managing the response to COVID-19 must be more akin to herding locusts.

Centrelink service centre entrance

COVID-19 welfare splash crashes MyGov website, spurs frenzied backpedalling

Government services minister, Stuart Robert, insisted on Monday that the MyGov website was still working despite it having appeared to crash following a mass exodus online of Australians scrambling for a welfare lifeline offered in...

ai vendor relationship management artificial intelligence hand on virtual screen

UNSW is teaching AI systems how to second-guess us

Researchers at the University of New South Wales are developing AI systems capable of ‘second-guessing’ humans, using data such as facial expression and body language to assist people for instance who are immobilised with...

microsoft office 365

Pepper simplifies tech environment with Office 365, Azure deployment

Fast growing home loan lender, Pepper, has shifted to Microsoft-based cloud infrastructure to simplify its processes and keep pace with an increasingly regulated Australian financial services sector.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus: What companies are ready for our new reality?

One class of companies is already equipped to work in a fully distributed employee model. Another going to have a difficult time adapting to most employees having to work from home. Some won’t survive if this lasts more than a few...

australian dollars

Software underinvestment causing staff underpayments in Australia: Lawyer

Employer and regulatory underinvestment in technology that automates correct pay conditions is leading to staff underpayment, an employment lawyer has told a Senate inquiry.

Street sign in Melbourne indicating direction to the cricket groundc

MCC’s Azure-based AI solution detects eerie silence

After two years of careful design and another two of intense deployment and ongoing refinement, a sophisticated Azure-based AI solution at the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) is possibly feeling a little confused by an entirely new...

young man on video conference coronavirus remote communication telecommuting by gcshutter getty ima

Coronavirus: 3 things CIOs need to do now

Gartner has recommended three short-term actions that chief information officers should take to prepare for business disruptions as a result of the coronavirus health crisis.

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IBM talks up deeper language smarts for Watson

Australian companies using the AI-driven language processing will be able to take advantage of advanced sentiment analysis.


Sarah Harland leaving Suncorp

Suncorp’s chief information officer, Sarah Harland, is leaving the company on March 27.

9 prioritization

New CSO benchmark reveals security priorities

58 large organisations share their security spending, priorities, and other findings to help smaller organisations make better security decisions

itil tips for implementation lightbulb innovation process strategy iot by ipopba getty

CIO report reveals lack of tech maturity, yet innovation is a high priority

A survey analysing CIO priorities for 2020 has revealed low levels of maturity when it comes to applying technology in key areas of the business, yet a clear intent to harness tech for driving innovation and better customer...

ai artificial intelligence ml machine learning vector

ServiceNow: Not just for managing IT services anymore

ServiceNow is making a play to push beyond ITSM, thanks to new AI tools in the Orlando release of its Now platform and other recent AI-related moves.

Simon Reiter

Simon Reiter new IT head at VicSuper

Former Defence Health CIO, Simon Reiter, has joined large super fund VicSuper as it new head of information technology.

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