Alex Burinskiy

Senior Desktop Engineer

Alex Burinskiy is a Senior Desktop Engineer and former technical analyst at IDG, Computerworld's parent company. He was also an Apple Store genius for four years and has worked with a range of IT systems, from personal to enterprise, for 10 years.

T-Mobile is taking an ax to wireless rivals -- and I know why

Going mobile with Apple's CarPlay (and a VW)

Going mobile with Apple's CarPlay (and a VW)

It's no secret that when you buy a car, you get whatever already-out-of-date technology is built in. That's what makes Apple's CarPlay so useful (and exciting).

Skype: The final frontier?

Skype: The final frontier?

The Skype Translator software made available earlier this year is looking more and more like the universal translator on Star Trek starships. Welcome to the future.

OkCupid -- It's Not Me, Its You

Remember the controversy over Facebook's social experimentation, which showed how people's emotions could be toyed with by changing what they see online? Well, Facebook wasn't the only site playing with your heart. Dating site OkCupid...

Facebook is a School Yard Bully That's Going Down

The social networking site is charting the same course followed by MySpace and Friendster.

Why I Hate the Look and Feel of iOS 7

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled iOS 7, the successor to the mobile OS that powers iPhones, iPads and iPod touch models. Not everyone is sold on the new look and feel.

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