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10 reasons to ignore computer science degrees

9 developer secrets that could sink your business

9 developer secrets that could sink your business

In today’s tech world, the developer is king — and we know it. But if you’re letting us reign over your app dev strategy, you might be in for some surprises, thanks to what we aren’t saying.

Embedded Data, Not Breasts, Brought Down Hacker

FBI tracks down Higinio Ochoa using geo-tagged photos

From the CIO: Why You Didn't Get the CISO Job

Dear Anonymous, It was fascinating to read your thoughts about our recent conversation in CSO. And when I say "fascinating," I mean in the sense of watching Nascar: a lot of predictable left turns and some really embarrassing,...

CSO Undercover: a Painful Lack of Security Jobs

We can blame it all on this dastardly economy, but even in good periods, qualified individuals find it difficult to land a job as an executive.

A Day in the Life of Two IT Security Curmudgeons

Two IT security guys survive a routine day the way many of us do -- by observing their daily challenges in words one might find career-limiting. Here they speak frankly -- and anonymously -- in diary entries of 140 characters or less....

Surviving Layoffs: Five Lessons From the Trenches

Sitting on the plane coming back home to the U.S. from our head office in Europe, I had a good deal of time to reflect upon my current employment situation and, consequently, what will most likely be my sixth employer change in the...

Undercover: a Case of Help Desk Failure

Quite a few well-meaning and high-placed individuals worry about protecting their IT assets and forget a basic principal: In "Capture the Flag," if you capture the flag, the game is over.

Diary of a Data Breach Investigation


Undercover: the Company That Did Everything Wrong

The plane landed late afternoon at a small airport in California that looked like it could have been a scene from a 1960s movie. My team and I walked down the metal stairs (no Jetway at this airport) and across the tarmac to the...

How Establishing a Security Management Team Allows Leaders to Focus on Strategy

Team-building efforts are about more than performance enhancements. They are about empowering people to make decisions so leaders can pursue strategic gains.

CSO Survival Strategies

Few CSOs last more than a few years at a given place. But one, who's been with the same company for more than a decade, shares some basic CSO survival skills that have aided that longevity.

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