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Bas de Baat is an independent management consultant with over 20 years experience in leading high-performing teams that deliver and sustain enterprise business solutions. He is an expert in navigating and managing technology-driven-change initiatives, and adept in putting them back on track when they have derailed.

Bas is coaching business leaders and top talent to achieve better business and/or personal performance. In his blogs he writes about practical project management and shares his knowledge and experience on how to make things happen when people, process and technology need to change.

Bas is located in Toronto, Canada. You can learn more from Bas or contact him through

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Bas de Baat and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

Get your priorities straight before you start applying artificial intelligence in your business solutions

Digital is out, smart is in

Digital is out, smart is in

It's not about how digital you can become, but about how smart. The majority of emerging technologies exist and evolve to enhance our cognitive capabilities. They are there to make us smarter.

3 top priorities for a Chief Data Officer

3 top priorities for a Chief Data Officer

The main responsibility of the Chief Data Officer is to manage data as a corporate asset. Having said that, the boundaries of the role vary by organization. Whereas some organizations draw a clear line between data and information,...

Get your company ready for artificial intelligence

Get your company ready for artificial intelligence

Companies need to resolve issues regarding data quality, ERP and business process improvement first, before implementing artificial intelligence solutions.

Artificial intelligence is transforming ERP solutions

Artificial intelligence is transforming ERP solutions

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence (AI) will have a profound impact on the footprint of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions in the foreseeable future. AI will enable organizations to further optimize their operating...

Augmenting the project manager

The enthusiasm for the application of artificial intelligence is encouraging and indicating that people's readiness to adopt the technology in their life and work is bright. The technology will replace some of the tasks of the project...

Functional areas where machine learning is applied first

AI solutions like machine learning transform how people interact and make every day decisions. The intent is to make people, organizations and society smarter by making global intelligence widely accessible and meaningful in our...

How cognitive computing will change project management

Cognitive computing is rapidly making inroads into the professional services workspace. The emerging technology will have a lasting impact on all jobs across all industries, with health care, finance and legal as early adopters. As...

How to keep your project in a state of happiness

Moving and keeping a project in a state of happiness takes a lot of effort and care. When you focus on setting people up for success you will notice that it has the biggest impact on happiness, quality of work and project outcome.

5 key steps to get a derailed project back on track

When a project derails, you have an opportunity to learn and course correct. Through the years I have been asked to recover a number of troubled projects and followed five key steps.

How do you put your project team in the zone?

How do you put your project team in the zone?

What do high performing project teams do to thrive together? There are five very unique behavioural characteristics that set them apart from others. Some of them you see in the sports world as well. Clarity of purpose is on of them....

How companies limit project success

Companies want projects to succeed and realize the planned benefits. But project management leading to that success takes time and effort. Oftentimes crucial steps are being missed, causing trouble further down the road. What are...

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