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Bas de Baat is an independent management consultant with over 20 years experience in leading high-performing teams that deliver and sustain enterprise business solutions. He is an expert in navigating and managing technology-driven-change initiatives, and adept in putting them back on track when they have derailed.

Bas is coaching business leaders and top talent to achieve better business and/or personal performance. In his blogs he writes about practical project management and shares his knowledge and experience on how to make things happen when people, process and technology need to change.

Bas is located in Toronto, Canada. You can learn more from Bas or contact him through

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Bas de Baat and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

How do you put your project team in the zone?

How do you put your project team in the zone?

What do high performing project teams do to thrive together? There are five very unique behavioural characteristics that set them apart from others. Some of them you see in the sports world as well. Clarity of purpose is on of them....

How companies limit project success

Companies want projects to succeed and realize the planned benefits. But project management leading to that success takes time and effort. Oftentimes crucial steps are being missed, causing trouble further down the road. What are...

A leader changes the ground rules

A leader changes the ground rules

A leader knows when the ground rules have to be changed in order to get better performance. Deep-rooted problems demand leaders to look at their operating model and make adjustments, sometimes significant ones. Course corrections...

3 things world-class achievers do nonstop

World-class achievers find success by having three qualities — three things they have or do nonstop — that let them outperform their peers. Have you ever wondered what those are?


Hoe red je een falend project van de ondergang?

Daar heb je de 5 kwaliteiten voor nodig.

5 qualities a leader must have to turn around troubled projects

5 qualities a leader must have to turn around troubled projects

What traits does an IT leader need to do a 180-degree pivot on problematic projects?

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a game-changer

The chaotic, turbulent, and rapidly changing business environment that has become the new normal, needs Project Portfolio Management (PPM) to drive value . Organizations struggle to prioritize the right initiatives and manifest them...

3 steps to make project portfolio management a business process

Organizations have a hard time to plan and execute the right initiatives, because project portfolio management (PPM) is not deployed as a business process.

Under pressure everything becomes fluid

There is a misunderstanding that under pressure people perform better. Pressure to a certain degree is fine and can have a positive impact on performance, because people become aware of the fact that things have to get done. But too...

The 5 A’s on the program manager’s report card

Program managers are primarily measured on traditional metrics like scope, schedule and budget. In today's world there are other critical qualifications that apply to deliver a program successfully

Who moved my schedule?

Who moved my schedule?

Project schedules are subject to change all the time. When you think that you have it clearly defined and communicated, something unexpected happens and before you know it, you are making changes.

5 things elite coaches do with top talent

Every single human being has a natural aptitude or skill that can make them a top talent. Some of us have more than one talent. The trick is to find it. That takes time, effort and dedication. A valuable coach who can really unlock...

Why business transformation programs fail

Business transformation programs fail because of lack of awareness, trust and structure. Root causes of failures are less related to technology, more to process, and most to people.

The ABCs of program management

Imagine you're asked to lead a large-scale business transformation program. Before you start, you can pick 26 qualities or items that will set you up for success. What will you choose?

Find your sources of inspiration

If you want to get your creative juices flowing, you want to know what your sources of inspiration are. Whether you want to resolve an issue, respond to a risk, craft a project strategy, you need to be able to tap into the creative...

Collaborative willpower drives organizational change

Technology-driven change projects succeed when senior leaders demonstrate collaborative willpower. Many organizations lack this group dynamic and, as a consequence, deliver sub-optimized results.

10 things smart program managers do

Do you sometimes wonder how super-achievers outperform others? And perhaps why it is that these rare human beings are always 'on their game' and exceed expectations? For 20+ years I have been observing senior leaders who run...

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