Ben Bloch

Ben Bloch is a Los Angeles-based serial entrepreneur and journalist, and advise high growth startups. I spent 14 years in corporate roles with IBM and Sungard AS focused on emerging business opportunities, software as a service, cloud computing and digital media, and another 8 in the startup world during which I acted as CMO and CRO during three exits, including co-founding grant and private equity-funded clean-tech company Econation. I now run Bloch Strategy, a boutique consulting firm that helps startups and fortune 1,000 companies to innovate, and improve sales and marketing. I completed the Business Insight Program at Harvard University and graduated undergrad from UW-Madison.

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Why corporate innovation investment models are becoming more popular

The hot market for data science and analytics

The hot market for data science and analytics

The value of improved data analytics, integration and visualization has surged in importance in recent years, highlighted by many recent acquisitions of companies in the space. CIOs should prioritize team education, modern toolsets...

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