Brad Howarth


Brad Howarth is a researcher, speaker, writer and facilitator with more than two decades' experience in investigating and interpreting technology-driven change. His focus is on understanding technology and business trends and making these understandable and actionable for a broad audience. Brad is a regular contributor to CMO as well as other leading technology industry titles.

Why working with startups is worth it

IT functions under pressure to speed up innovation and facilitate business agility are increasingly turning to the startup community.

Cognitive computing's powerful potential

Cognitive computing is being touted as the next technology transformation and breakthrough in how to process growing reams of unstructured and ambiguous data sets.

Blueprint for the next generation data centre

The concept of running a software-defined data centre is gaining plenty of attention in IT circles. It is merely hype, or are we on the cusp of realising the full potential of virtualization?

10 marketing terms and technologies you should know about

From ad exchanges and demand-side platforms to programmatic buying and tag management, here are 10 essential marketing terms and technologies you should know about.

Coming to terms with marketing technology

With marketers become ever-more reliant on technology and importantly, data integration, to deliver the customer experiences organisations need today, CIOs can no longer afford to ignore the many platforms and solutions at their...

The pioneers of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things promises to transform how cities, communities, people, organisations, and machines relate to one another. CIO talks to the people who are making it happen.

New privacy laws: Have you done enough?

New laws have significantly enhanced the privacy of Australian citizens but many CIOs are still not aware of the implications.

Retailing in the modern age

The lines between online and offline are blurring as retailers increase investments in new social, data and interactive technologies to improve their view of the ever-savvy, informed customer.

The new faces of customer management

How marketing and social data are transforming the way we understand, manage and monitor our customers.

When social tools go viral

How enthusiasm for enterprise social tools is spread by people and why their sponsorship might bypass the IT department entirely.

The rise of the machines

Machine-to-machine communication is set to dominate Internet use but will create a huge number of data issues.

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