Cheong Ang

Cheong has been a hands-on leader in web, data and healthcare IT for two decades. His early work on web interactivity at UCSF Medical Center resulted in patented technologies licensed to leading firms including Microsoft, Oracle and Adobe.

Before AI became trendy, he led teams at IBM in development and deployment of software systems for data mining and predictive analytics in e-commerce and enterprise knowledge management. He had been in director positions in charge of operating a targeted advertising system, and building and marketing a broadband TV delivery system.

As a senior consultant at IBM, he led teams in designing and implementing IT projects for clients in healthcare and financial industries. He has also engaged in business and innovation strategy consulting with Konica Minolta, and Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

Most recently, he brought together a team to bridge the gap between AI and the frontline workers with a SaaS system that enables smart collaborations and continuous learning toward organizational goals. The system is currently serving tens of thousands of patients at multiple healthcare organizations.

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