Chris Howard

Chris Howard is Gartner's Chief of Research. In that role, Mr. Howard ensures that Gartner research meets the general and industry-specific needs of senior executives, with emphasis on both technical and business leadership. Join Chris and other Gartner analysts in exploring the emerging technologies and trends shaping the future of IT and business at Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo®, taking place virtually from October 19-22, 2020.

5 conversations CIOs must have to advance digital business

How to Prioritize IT Spending During an Economic Recession

Tips for IT cost-cutting--both big and small--including outsourcing, staffing, consolidation of data centers and storage and server virtualization.

Search Engines: Google Not Cuil

Big VC backing, big ex-Google brains, a newspaper style UI layout and results clustered based on cross-associations make Cuil a very promising new search engine. Will it be enough to steal market share from Google?

Tips for Social Computing in the Enterprise

Implementing Web 2.0 tools can lead to better collaboration and productivity at your business, higher levels of employee engagement. The tools also can help you attract the next generation of workers. These tips can help you get...

Tips to Avoid SOA Implementation Problems

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is all the rage because it offers tremendous benefits with a promise of increased agility and business alignment if you do it right. However, make a misstep and you can "fail spectacularly."

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