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Dan has been writing about all things Apple since 2006, when he first started contributing to the MacUser blog. He's a prolific podcaster and the author of sci-fi novels The Aleph Extraction, The Bayern Agenda, and The Caledonian Gambit.

Why Apple Watch 2 doesn't need cellular anyway

Apple Now Emailing Users When iCloud Accessed Via Web

Apple Now Emailing Users When iCloud Accessed Via Web

It's one of several security improvements expected from the company following its involvement in last week's celebrity photo theft.

iCloud FAQ: Why Apple's Online Service Will Matter More Than Ever

While the focus of Monday's WWDC keynote was on Apple's two operating systems, iCloud was a strong supporting player. That's because, if iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite will represent the two sides of an Oreo cookie, then iCloud will be the...

10 Ways Apple Could Make iOS Notification Center Great

When Notification Center arrived in iOS 5, we greeted it with a sigh of relief. No more alerts lost to the ravages of time, easy access to all of our notifications in a single place, and even a handy way to get a look at the weather...

New Office 365 Personal Plan Targets Individual iPad, PC Users

Microsoft this week launched a new Office 365 Personal Plan at a lower price point.

Apple CFO Oppenheimer to Retire in September

Apple financial conference calls will start to sound a little different later this year, as the company announced on Tuesday that chief financial officer and senior vice president Peter Oppenheimer will retire, effective the end of...

Which iPad is Right for You?

It used to be easy: Did you want an iPad? Which capacity? Need cellular networking? Done.

Google Maps Gets Stunning Makeover for Web, Enhancements to Mobile

Google Maps gets an eye-popping makeover for its venerable Web interface as well as bringing improvements to its mobile apps.

Straight Talk and Walmart Offer iPhone Unlimited Plan, Financing Deal

If the words "unlimited," "iPhone," and "no contract" are a few of your favorite things, then Straight Talk Wireless is ready to make your day. Starting on Friday, January 11, the carrier will be offering the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 on...

What Apple's Executive Reshuffle Means for the Products You Use

The executive shuffle Apple announced late Monday is the kind of drama that we in the tech press usually only get from watching Game of Thrones. But as interesting as it is from an inside-baseball perspective, it's worth remembering...

iCloud: Sharing Done Wrong

Despite the prominent addition of sharing features in iOS 6 and Mountain Lion, the company's concept of "sharing" is actually a narrow one. And in an increasingly interconnected erawhen people are spending more and more time sharing...

iPad Mini: Now May Not be the Time

The furor over the iPhone 5's launch has started to die down, but the rumor mill can only be sated temporarily. Whispers have been swelling that Apple plans to introduce a smaller iPad--an iPad mini, they say--with a 7.85-inch screen....

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