Daniel Lambert

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Daniel Lambert is an entrepreneurial marketing & finance strategist assisting expending companies in their growth, their business architecture and ultimately their digital transformation. He has worked in the past with financial institutions, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, transportation, computer software, telecom and public-sector organizations.

Mr. Lambert is currently building Business Architecture Frameworks for various industries. He has launched his first for the financial services industry. A manufacturing model and a telecommunication framework should be available soon. The transportation, retail, healthcare, computer software, and maybe government industries should be made available later this year.

Mr. Lambert is currently VP Business Architect at Benchmark Consulting. Benchmark is the creator of the IRIS Enterprise Software Suite for Business Architects and CIOs of large companies. Mr. Lambert is responsible for its IRIS Business Architect product line. Organizations like Alberta Health Services, Autodesk, Bristol Myers Squibb, Guardian Life Insurance, Maersk, Société Générale, the TD Bank, TD Insurance, Thomson Reuters, the US Federal government, the UK Federal government, Wells Fargo and World Vision International use or have used Benchmark products and/or consulting services.

In his previous life, Mr. Lambert was also a venture capitalist. He was involved in these successful and very profitable exits: Giganet sold to Broadcom; Kinaxis now trading on NASDAQ; SFI sold to BMC Software, Taleo sold to Oracle, and Telweb sold to Schlumberger.

Mr. Lambert has grown the number of its followers on LinkedIn to over 8,000 by writing articles on CIO.com, BA Times and Project Times, among others.

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