Derek Slater

Derek helped create and launch CSO in 2002, and served as Editor in Chief of the magazine and website from 2006 through 2013.

CIO Think Tank: Data and analytics at scale

CIO Think Tank: 5G in the enterprise

CIO Think Tank: 5G in the enterprise

How will IT harness the power and promise of 5G? In this roadmap report, dozens of IT leaders share use cases, challenges, and insights.

Five big ideas for reinventing IT

Five big ideas for reinventing IT

Whatever your challenges, reinvention requires big thinking.

CIO Think Tank: Reinventing IT

CIO Think Tank: Reinventing IT

As companies accelerate out of pandemic disruption, how can IT meet increasing demands — and reap unprecedented benefits? In a series of virtual roundtables, dozens of IT leaders offered key insights about the road ahead.

33 Questions to Ask About Your Company's Security

33 Questions to Ask About Your Company's Security

Get out of the office, look around, and get a fresh perspective on protecting employees, assets, and data.

The Programmer's Prenup

Are wedding bells in your future? If you or your betrothed happens to be a programmer, it pays to know that special marriage conditions apply. Our handy programmer's prenup helps spell out the details.

CIO/CFO Relations - How to Get Along with the CFO

For the CIO, chief financial officers have historically been adversaries at worst, obstacles at best. This magazine has done more ...

Mistakes: Strategic Planning Don'ts (and Dos)

If the best-laid plans oft go astray, can we expect any better of plans that try to predict a company’s ...

5 tips for sound strategic planning

1. Keep business execs informed about what technology might make possible.2. Involve everyone in the IT planning process, from the ...

Nationwide's Take on Technology Risk

George McKinnon, CIO for Nationwide Mutual Insurance in Columbus, Ohio, says this is his take on assessing and managing risk: ...

Grid Computing Taps Unused Resources

The Problem Most companies have scores of servers and desktop systems that sit idle much of the time. What a ...

Cingular Wireless Integrates Multiple Call Centers

The advertising is so prevalent and the logo so recognizable?the little orange figure shaped like a child’s jack?it’s hard to ...

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