Derek Slater

Derek Slater

Derek helped create and launch CSO in 2002, and served as Editor in Chief of the magazine and website from 2006 through 2013.

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning: The basics

33 Questions to Ask About Your Company's Security

33 Questions to Ask About Your Company's Security

Get out of the office, look around, and get a fresh perspective on protecting employees, assets, and data.

Let's Not Bicker and Argue About Who Killed Who

Cyber, cyber, cyber, cyber, cyber, cyber. (Is this bothering you?)

Tangled Web: Facebook, SEO, and Black-Hat Tactics Colliding (Still)

A few decades ago, some genius had this outrageous idea: "Let's put everything online." Everything. Measureless reams of information all piled up on the World Wide Web. The audacity of this concept should not go unappreciated.

Tactics Versus Strategy

Don't you have any outside interests that teach you lessons applicable to security? Of course you do. Mine is chess. So it's time for my quasi-annual chess column.

Who's Hacking Your Refrigerator?

Now that everything's networked and process control systems are easy to hack, here's a quick-reference guide to figuring out who's behind each type of security incident.

Leader Or Fast Follower?

Is it really best to be on the leading edge?

2011 State of the CSO

Our survey shows organizations wrestling with operational risk and managing it. Mixed results indicate there's work ahead.

Home Port for Security Departments?

In June of 2003, we ran a long article about organizational structures. We titled it "All Over the Map," which pretty much tells you what we concluded about how security was handled at the time: a bit like a ship with no home port,...

Security Not Strategic? Sure, Just Like IT

Here's a nice little bedtime story, taken from the corporate history books.

The Retail Paradox

The industry that often lags in infosecurity is setting the pace in providing business intelligence.

Enterprise Risk Management: Get Started in Six Steps

Let's say your organization doesn't have a formal enterprise risk management program. If you're at a big company, ERM might seem daunting because of silos, inertia and so on.

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