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11 Great Geek Birthday Cakes

11 Great Geek Birthday Cakes

Why be boring? When it's time to celebrate, let the fondant fly.

Programmers Who Defined the Technology Industry: Where Are They Now?

Some early programmer names are familiar to even the most novice of software developers. You may never have seen a line of code written by Bill Gates, or written any application in BASIC (much less for the Altair). But you know Gates'...

Old-School Programming Techniques You Probably Don't Miss

Despite its complexity, the software development process has gotten better over the years. "Mature" programmers remember how many things required manual intervention and hand-tuning back in the day. Today's software development tools...


5 Things Mark Shuttleworth Has Learned about Organizational Change

The open source leader and founder of the Ubuntu Linux distribution explains the elements that can inspire innovation and change the world--or at least your small piece of it.

Microsoft's Zune Meltdown: Three Lessons Developers Should Learn

On December 31, all the 30GB Zune models turned into bricks because of a Leap Year firmware coding error. This quality assurance and testing debacle demonstrates three lessons every software developer should take to heart.

17 Telecommuting Pet Peeves

Despite all the benefits of working at home, telecommuting also has its disadvantages. Before you set up your home office, be aware of these 17 rotten bits about telecommuting--both its minor annoyances and the bigger telecommuting...

How to Lead a Code Review

Your code review depends on ensuring the right people examine the software. Sure, the software developer who wrote the code needs to attend. But who else should participate in the meeting? Don't expect a lot of agreement.

How NOT to Run a Code Review

Code reviews can help software developers improve their software, but the process can go wrong. Oh, SO wrong. Here's where you'll find the biggest problems and mistakes... and office politics is just the beginning.

What to Look for in a Code Review

You have all the right software developers in the conference room, ready to pore over the project's code. But now& what do you do? We share tips from experienced programmers.

Making Code Review Software Tools Help, Not Hinder

Software automation tools can be a boon for developers who are preparing for a code review, and they can take away a lot of the bookkeeping drudgework. But don't expect software tools to replace human evaluation skills.

Doing Spot-On Code Reviews with Remote Teams

When the entire team can't be in the same room--due to telecommuting, outsourcing, or the distributed nature of open source development--a code review has special challenges. Here's a few tips to deal with them.

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