Graham Welch

Director Security Sales, Global Enterprise Theatre at Cisco

Graham Welch is Director Security Sales, Global Enterprise Theatre at Cisco.

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Mind the Cyber Gap

Don’t Get Dazzled by the Shiny New Threat

The reality is that the majority of cyberattacks aren’t using new techniques

Criminals shopping for your data

A deeper understanding of hackers' approach can help you strengthen your defenses

A World of Mobile Delights – And Dangers

What do the new mobile devices mean for security pros?

People Remain the Weakest Link in Security

A new survey was unveiled last week by the UK consumer association, which reported the top five email scams to be aware of for 2015. Anyone who checks their spam folder in their email regularly will not be surprised that bank...

Time to throw away the 80-20 security rule?

The policy that has governed security policy for many years might leave you vulnerable to attacks

Is it Time for That Spring Cleaning?

Successful patch match requires taking a close look at your vulnerabilities

Data, Data, Everywhere…

How to stay ahead of advanced threats in a mobile world

Happy New Year – Now Time For That New Year’s Resolution…

As most of the working world slowly comes back online after the festive break and we all start thinking about fitness regimes and other changes to our lifestyles, we might want to consider a more work-related New Year’s Resolution...

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