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Grant Gross edits and assigns stories and writes about technology and telecom policy in the U.S. government for the IDG News Service. He is based outside of Washington, D.C.

Legal Guardrails for AI
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Legal Guardrails for AI

3D Printers Could Be a Threat to Copyright Owners -- or an Opportunity

The DIY technology could be a problem for intellectual property owners because of the ease of copying products or designs. But with some creative licensing deals, the technology could also be a marketing opportunity.

Labor Board Says Online Gripes Are Protected

The NLRB rules that businesses can’t fire employees who complain on Facebook and other social media about their working conditions.

Controversial Business-Method Patents Face New Attacks

A new law revamps the patent system and gives rivals an eight-year window to challenge IT-related patents in the financial-services industry.

Is Your Domain Safe from Seizures for Copyright Infringement?

A group questions the government’s process for shutdowns, but corporate sites are likely protected under safe-harbor provisions

Does Obama Really Have an Internet Kill Switch?

Cybersecurity may be top of mind for Congress this year, but the whole ‘kill switch’ thing is overblown and there’s much more on the table.

Do Not Track: Is Government Intervention Necessary?

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission made clear it endorses an online do-not-track tool, while Republican lawmakers and tech companies think a congressional mandate is unnecessary.


Aging in Place Technologies Offer Business Opportunities

New technologies designed to help seniors stay in their homes provides a homebuilder with a business opportunity.


VoIP: Why CIOs Are Choosing It Now

VoIP telephone systems are appealing to CIOs at companies that need cost-effective and flexible ways to connect workers wherever they are.

Where the Candidates Stand on Five Technology Issues

The 2008 presidential election gives CIOs and other IT executives a choice of Republican nominee Senator John McCain and Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama who are both interested in technology-related issues.

Groups Press for E-voting Paper Trail

Voting rights groups called on the U.S. Congress to pass legislation requiring electronic voting machines to have printers attached.

IBM, Cisco Launch Service for Crisis Response

IBM and Cisco Systems announced a new one-stop service designed to help businesses and government agencies respond to and recover from disasters.

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