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Jack E. Gold is founder and principal analyst at J. Gold Associates, LLC., an analyst firm in Northborough, Mass. With more than 45 years of experience in the computer and electronics industries, and 25 years as a tech industry analyst, he covers the many aspects of business and consumer computing and emerging technologies.

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The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Jack Gold and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

How IBM plans to compete in the cloud

The Enterprise PC: Not Quite Dead Yet

Tablets haven't killed off the PC market, which is about to return from a downturn.

Microsoft Re-Surfaces the Pro, for the Enterprise

The enhancements in the Surface Pro 3 are aimed straight at the enterprise.

The Enterprise of Things

Consumers will lead the charge to the Internet of Things, but enterprise adaptation will not be far behind. Will your IT department be ready?

The Wider Implications of IBM's Mobile Buying Spree

Consolidation will dominate the mobile market over the next couple of years. If your enterprise is using mobile technology from a small company, expect to have to upgrade.

Windows Phone Update is More Than Just a Facelift

Getting Windows Phone 8 Update 3, and eventually Windows Phone 8.1, on phablets is one thing, but getting a foothold in the low-end tablet market is a bigger opportunity.

With BlackBerry Reportedly Hacked, is Anything Secure?

You have to wonder what level of encryption can withstand the brute-force computing power that is cheaply available today.

Can ARM Hold the Mobile Advantage Over Intel's X86 Architecture?

As more is demanded of smartphones and tablets, the limits of ARM's RISC architecture will become apparent.

Are You Ready for EMaaS?

Enterprise mobility as a service has many benefits over traditional internal infrastructure

Palm's last chance, or last gasp?

Palm is at a critical crossroads. It is not clear whether it can survive, let alone regain its former luster. The company that previously defined the smart-phone market has lost its way, as clearly indicated by its declining market...

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