James Careless

James Careless has been covering the Internet since the days of 1200 baud modems. His credits include Business Week, KM World, Network World, PCWorld, and Streaming Media.

All Those Videos You're Watching Will Help Triple Internet Traffic, Cisco Says

Cisco forecasts that IP video will account for 79 percent of IP traffic in 2018, as global Internet traffic hits 1.6 zettabytes.

How Apple and Beats Could Shake Up the Streaming Music Scene

Spending $3 billion for Beats Music is a big deal for Apple. But will it have big implications for the other top streaming music providers?

Show Me the Apps: Here's What's Still Missing From Chromecast

The Chromecast isn't quite a year old, and its roster of supported apps is growing.

Avaya Builds Massive Wi-Fi Net for 2014 Winter Olympics

Avaya Builds Massive Wi-Fi Net for 2014 Winter Olympics

BYOD for 30,000 people creates extraordinary demands on the network.

Masters of Disasters: IT Survivors of Katrina, Sandy and Other Natural Disasters Share Their DR Tips and Tricks

Natural and manmade disasters are facts of life. Smart IT managers prepare for the worst before trouble hits, so that the businesses and government institutions that rely on IT can resume normal operations as soon as possible.

SDN Pioneers Share Their Secrets

With the ability to create virtual networks quickly and efficiently rather than programming network-connected hardware on an individual basis software defined networks (SDN) appear to be the time-and-resource saving solution that...

7 Things You Need to Know About Hardware Disposal

From the first day that you plug in a new piece of IT hardware, the clock starts ticking toward the day when it will be pulled out of service.

10 Best Practices for the Cloud

According to the IT industry trade association CompTIA, "over 80% of companies now claim to use some form of cloud solution, whether that be virtual machines that can be spun up on demand or applications that can be easily procured...

How Fortune 500 Companies are Managing BYOD

Like it or not, IT departments are accepting the fact that employees are bringing smartphones, tablets, and personal laptops to work a and that they will use these devices while on the job.

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