James Niccolai

Deputy News Editor

James Niccolai covers data centers and general technology news for the IDG News Service, and is based in San Francisco.

HP is nu twee bedrijven; hoe het zover kwam

De opsplitsing van HP komt na een decennium van schandalen en misstappen.

IBM gaat kopen, kopen, kopen

Aankoop van cloudbedrijfjes moet leiden tot groei bij Big Blue.

Dell Is Changing its Stripes

Dell has been on an acquisition spree. Can it transform itself from a hardware maker into a full-fledged software vendor, too?


Home Healthcare Devices Help Patients Stay out of the Hospital

Remote devices allow patients to monitor their health at home and reduce hospital visits.

How Fast Is the Road to SaaS?

Vendor would make it easier to migrate apps to hosted model

Google and Web Search Rivals Battle for Big Bucks on Small Screens

The big names in web search are looking to mobile handsets as the next front in the online ad market.

Laser Breakthrough to Supercharge PC Speeds

Researchers from Intel and the University of California, Santa Barbara, have found a way to build low-cost "laser chips" that ...

Microprocessors - Cheaper Chips Through the Power of Light

Could ultraviolet light lead to lower-cost microprocessors and then to lower-cost PCs? It might, if a U.K. research project pans ...

Senegal Turns to Open Source Software

Senegal’s state IT agency is turning to open-source software to avoid paying what it sees as prohibitively expensive licensing fees ...

Gracenote Software Knows What You Want to Hear

Using computers for a task as subjective as discerning your music tastes sounds like a tall order. Nevertheless, some commercial ...

England's New Patient Record System Ailing

A study in the British Medical Journal reports that an effort in England to centralize patient records on a standard ...

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