Jennifer Baker

Brussels correspondent

Jennifer Baker reports on the European Union: Commission, Parliament, technology policy, regulation, and competition.

Google hit with new antitrust complaint in Europe, officials confirm

The ban would only affect bandwidth between ISPs and consumers

Intel loses appeal against €1.06 billion European antitrust fine

An EU Court has upheld the European Commission's antitrust judgement against Intel, which has two months to lodge a final appeal

Google has Received Over 41,000 Requests to 'forget' Personal Information

Google should anticipate what kinds of information people will want removed, said the EU's top data protection official

What Does the New EU Parliament Mean for Tech?

Pirates out, digital rights to the fore

EU Competition Chief Stands By Google Decision, Despite Increasing Outrage

French and German ministers voice concerns about Google settlement

EU Court Ruling on Google Links Could Encourage Paywalls

Research and data mining also will be made more painful by the ruling, says the CCIA

ICANN Delays Uncorking of Wine-related Domains

It has put the allocation of .vin and .wine top level domain names on hold over cyber-squatting fears

EU votes net neutrality into law, abolishes mobile roaming charges

The European Parliament has adopted the strictest of three definitions of net neutrality

Chinese Telco Hardware Makers No Longer Under EU Investigation

The EU suspends an anti-dumping investigation against Huawei and ZTE

European Net Neutrality Law Clears Committee Hurdle

The proposal ends roaming charges and permits 'specialized services' by ISPs

Europe approves new data protection law, tech industry reps dismayed

European Parliament gives massive support to stronger data protection rules

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