John Ribeiro

Bangalore Correspondent

John Ribeiro covers outsourcing and general technology breaking news from India for the IDG News Service.

Infosys Is Having Its Midlife Crisis

Indian outsourcer Infosys -- in the midst of a major transformation -- struggles to supplement its commodity programming services with high-value business offerings 

India Exempts Its Outsourcers from New Privacy Rules

India’s outsourcing industry breathes a sigh of relief as the government exempts it from strict new data protection rules.

EMC Partners with NIIT to Bridge Storage Training Gap

EMC has partnered with Indian training company NIIT to train storage professionals in 32 countries.

Global I.T. - Indian Election Shakes Markets

When the Congress party won India’s election on May 13, the country’s stock markets plunged on worries that leftists would ...

ASPs in India

Multinational companies in India may have to wait until 2002 to find suitable application service providers to run in-house IT ...

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