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Nixon Mission review: A hardcore Android Wear watch for surf and snow

7 high-tech gadgets for wine, beer and cocktail lovers

7 high-tech gadgets for wine, beer and cocktail lovers

We've been drinking alcoholic beverages for 8,000 years. So isn't it time for some real innovation?

Apple's iWatch Will Hit Production in July With 2.5-Inch Display, Wireless Charging

The iWatch won't be an official product until it's announced on the stage of an Apple press event, but a Thursday report lends more credibility to rumors that Apple's smartwatch is imminent. Referencing various anonymous supply-chain...

Google's 'Glass at Work' Partners Announcement is Legitimate Glass News (Finally)

The world has never been so fascinated with a product that's been stuck in public beta for well over a year.

Apple's Health-Focused Wearable is Coming in October, Sources Say

Apple showed admirable patience by not revealing an iWatch at WWDC this week, but don't expect this discipline to last for long. A health-focused wearable is coming this fall, source says, and Apple is priming the supply chain for...

No iWatch, No Problem: Why Apple Was Wise to Delay its Smartwatch Launch

There's no reason to release a smartwatch in a wearables market fraught with bad press, broken hardware and consumer ambivalence.

Google Glass Goes High Fashion Because Nothing Says 'Not Weird' Like Diane Von Furstenberg

Pairing Google Glass with a pair of fashion-design frames is like tossing an expensive diamond bracelet onto the horn of a unicorn: It makes the unicorn much more classy, but it doesn't make the unicorn any more real.

Microsoft Nearing Release of OS-Agnostic, Heart Rate-Monitoring Smartwatch

Because if Samsung, Google and Apple are going to have smartwatch platforms, then Microsoft must have one too.

Google's New Glass Boss Begins Job By Asking Existential Smartglassy Questions

Sure, it's notable that Google's new "head of Glass," Ivy Ross, has a deep background in retail product marketing and brand ID. She's racked up stints at Coach, Calvin Klein, Swatch and Bausch & Lomb--four companies that make...

Google Encourages More Users to Wear Glass in Public with New Travel Apps

Will new FourSquare, TripIt and OpenTable apps convince users to wear the polarizing wearable in public?

Samsung Reportedly Working on Google Glass Rival

Samsung is gearing up to release its own Google Glass competitor in September. The wearable, dubbed Gear Glass, is a simple earpiece with attached display that runs the Tizen OS, and will be ready in time for the IFA 2014 trade show...

Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch Now Features Voice Messaging (and, Yes, it Works)

The Toq smartwatch isn't so much a retail-ready smartwatch as Qualcomm's vision of what a smartwatch can be.

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