Jonny Evans

Hello, and thanks for dropping in. I'm pleased to meet you. My name is Jonny Evans. I'm a freelancer who has been writing (mainly about Apple) since 1999. These days I write my daily Apple Holic blog at, where I try to deliver sometimes interesting, sometimes provocative insights into what Cupertino is doing. I try to write something worth reading. You can also keep up with my work at AppleMust.

10 steps to a successful digital transformation

OS X tips and tricks

OS X tips and tricks

These utilities, tricks and tips will make life with El Capitan, also known as OS X 10, much easier. Courtesy of Mac guru Jonny Evans.

CFO Horror Story: Can You Trust Your Spreadsheets?

Few think of formal risk management in terms of incorrect data entry. They should.

Productivity for Dummies: a CFO Fantasy Story

Times are lean. Business in the developed nations is struggling. We're facing a bleak short-term future for most every enterprise. Getting more for less has to be high on any CFO's agenda. So it's probably a good time to take a little...

What About the Samsung RIM Takeover Buzz?

True or not, CFOs are asking: Is Research in Motion dead in the enterprise?

12 for '12: Tech Trends to Jolt a CFO, Part I

It's the Year of the Mobile Enterprise; time to adjust to it.

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