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Kevin Fogarty is a reporter, editor, analyst and blogger whose work appears in leading technology and business publications and who focuses on developments in technology, science and medicine that are genuinely useful, truly revolutionary or really, really cool. Reach him at, on Twitter at @kevinfogarty, at LinkedIn or see samples of his other work here.

Tech Predictions Gone Wrong

The computer industry and the customers it serves have proven to be extraordinarily slippery during the past 45 years.

How the Cloud Keeps Fuel and Cash Flowing When the Power Goes Out

Diesel Direct worried about storms causing extended power outages, which would essentially bring its business to a halt. The company didn't want or need an enterprise infrastructure, but it did want the security and reliability of a...

The Future of the PC

For the first time since computers became a normal part of office life, end users won't be able to predict what their "PC" will look like in 10 years. That's partially due to the expansion of IT-as-a-service technologies that are...

Mac Desktop Security: The Landscape Is Changing

Macs are climbing up the malware threat ladder as Mac OS X gains more users and business adoption. Yet there is a high level of cluelessness about Mac OS X security and it's making all Mac users vulnerable.

If You Use It, Mobile Malware Will Come

No matter what mobile platform you choose, be it Android, iOS or BlackBerry, you run the risk of infection and data theft.

HTC Unlocks its Phones, But Probably Not Just to Irk Google

HTC, which just announced it would stick with Google and keep running Android on its best phones even though Google just bought one of HTC's main competitors, continues the trend started by Samsung this week of needling Google by...

VMware Licensing Change Opens Doors for Competing Virtualization, Cloud Providers

Some VMware customers are seeking alternate virtualization and cloud computing providers because of the price and licensing changes the company announced in June, IT analysts say. Here's a look at the competitive landscape for...

5 Ways to Lower your 'VMware Tax' with vSphere 5

Outraged VMware customers can take steps to minimize their costs under the company's controversial new licensing model.

How Desktop Virtualization Can Help IT Manage Consumer Devices

Desktop virtualization holds great promise for helping IT departments address the consumerization of IT, but some implementations can be expensive. Here IT analysts discuss the pros and cons of different desktop virtualization...

IT Jobs: Winners and Losers in the Cloud Era

We survey the cloud's effects on nine classes of IT jobs: Architects and sys admins win, middle managers and tech specialists lose -- what about you?

How To Keep Rogue Cloud Software From Making IT Irrelevant

Cloud and SaaS services, more than any other recent development, let business units get exactly the IT they want without having to ask IT first. Here are five creative ways IT can remain relevant, meet business users' needs and keep...

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