Kevin O'Connor

Kevin is the Senior Director, Cloud Solutions Group at PC Connection with over 20 years of experience in the areas of software, cloud computing, and data center technology. He has been a contributor to Apache open source projects, the Java Specification Working Group, and AIIM. In his free time, he enjoys baseball, hockey, surfing, and spending time with his family.

PaaS Considerations for Building New Digital User Experiences

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Migrating to IaaS

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What Amazon's Outage Reminded Us

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Has your organization considered making the move to cloud? Maybe you’ve even started along the journey and are curious about how well other organizations are handling the transition. According to a recent survey we conducted with...

Not Gone and Definitely Not Forgotten

It seems nobody is faster to predict imminent death than the IT industry. Tape, mainframes, disks, PCs, smartphones, and the Internet have all survived their obituaries—and now we can add private cloud to the list of technologies...

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