Kristen Lamoreaux

Kristen Lamoreaux is president and CEO of Lamoreaux Search, which finds IT professionals for hiring managers.

CIOs expand their horizons

Wearables etiquette in the workplace

Wearables etiquette in the workplace

For the sake of your IT career, you should follow old-school rules of workplace etiquette when using new-school wearable technologies.

For better career networking, go organic

For better career networking, go organic

Networking while doing volunteer work for charities is a long-term IT career strategy with lifetime benefits. But remember to put the cause first and networking second.

How to Fish for (and Land) IT Talent

How to Fish for (and Land) IT Talent

CIOs need to be deeply involved in writing IT job postings -- not just leave it to the HR admin -- to lure great hires.

How to Select IT Talent in a Merger

How to Select IT Talent in a Merger

One of a CIO’s biggest leadership challenges is retaining the best IT talent in the throes of a merger, acquisition or divestiture.

Hiring Managers Say Online Video Speeds Up the Interview Process

Pre-recorded interview questions—and the resulting answers—can give hiring managers a head start on selecting job candidates

Do Your IT Job Applicants Have Moral Courage?

IT hiring managers should ask probing questions to discern whether job candidates have the integrity to make unpopular-but-necessary decisions.

CIO Takes the Less-Traveled Path to IT Career Success

This divisional CIO got his promotion after a stint in the IT infrastructure group -- a stint that some would view as career suicide, but he viewed as valuable experience

For IT Job-Hunters, Relocation Is a Family Affair

The big decision about whether to relocate for a new IT leadership job often depends on decisions made at home.

How IT Hiring Managers Can Avoid the Holiday Rush

Kristen Lamoreaux says it’s better to stock your talent pool throughout the year than to make a hasty hire in the frenetic days of December

6 Steps to Happy Hires With Longterm Potential

Reed Technologies is among the rare companies that has recruit-and-retain down to a science. Here are 6 lessons from their strategies that you can use to build your own homegrown talent pool

Four Must-Dos for CIOs Networking Online

Executives looking to network online can find opportunities and landmines there in equal number. Executive search professional Kristen Lamoreaux shares her best advice for CIOs.

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